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Birthday Location Ideas for Teens and Adults

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This might be a nice meal with extended family, or even a fine dining experience with close family. Your invitations, food and decorations can reflect the theme, and give the party a bigger sense of occasion. Pizza Party Many teenagers love pizza, so a pizza party is an easy theme to pull off. Just provide the dough and a range of different toppings, and let them roll out their own bases, and make up their own creations. A super-easy version of this idea is just to order in a bulk-lot of pizzas, and get all your teens favourite movies to watch for the night! Winks This is a great game for a party with both boys and girls, and works best with lots of guests. Set up a circle of chairs, and have all the girls take a seat.

The boys then take their place standing behind a girl of their choice, with one boy standing behind an empty chair. The boy with an empty chair winks at a girl, who then jumps up to take the empty spot. If the boy behind her tags her shoulders before she gets away, she must stay seated. If she makes it out of the chair, the game continues with a new winker. How you play this game will depend on the number of girls vs. Having a mixture of pairs will stop any teasing that may occur. Wink Murder Have all the guests close their eyes, and choose one guest to be the murderer by tapping them on the shoulder.

All the other guests are detectives. If a guest is winked at, they need to die — very dramatically — so everyone knows they have been killed. If they are right, they win the game, but if they are wrong, they have to die. By Linda Guest Post May 11, found this helpful How about having the party at home and having the "chaperones" in another room i. Have the clear understanding that chaperones can and will spot-check by wandering thru your party at will. By soccergirl7 [3 Comments] November 30, found this helpful I need help with my b-day I'm turning 17yrs old and I need help finding the best place to have my b-day party at???

Reply Was this helpful? She's planning on about 50 friends, cousins, etc. Of course I'll try and reduce that figure. I do understand though, the first of the teen years! Ad Her other friends that have just turned 13 had big parties too. The girls eat the ice cream and cake first and then sing happy birthday. Gifts are opened next. Make sure the birthday girl thanks each person before she opens the gift. Ad Games are played. Do immature younger games, but play them backwards. After games, the girls will change into their pajamas, backwards or course.

While the girls watch a movie, fix them breakfast food. Served under the table of course. In the morning, serve chips and soda pop for breakfast. Added bonus, you do not have to deal with the sugar rush, their parents do. When it is time to leave. Welcome the girls with a hello and how wonderful they look. Since you have not seen them in forever. We write the invitation backwards to get the party started right. Cooking Night I write on cheap rolling pins from the dollar store for the invitations. Tie ribbons on the ends for flair.

I collect ugly aprons from thrift stores and garage sales for this event.

I also collect paper chef hats. When the birthsay arrive, have them each make their own pizza dough. It will need time to rise. While the dough is getting ready have several bowls of white icing ready. Let the kids use food coloring to make several different colors with the white icing.

Go birthday to Where teens

Make sure each child gets to make a color. Have at least three cupcakes per child made before the party begins. Ad Now let the kids pat out the dough, make crust, apply sauce, cheese, and toppings for their very own creation. They will use three times the amount of cheese that is needed, so stock up or explain that less is more. While the pizza pies are cooking, have them decorate their cupcakes. After the pizzas have been admired and eaten, the real fun begins. Take number 10 cans with lids, have each child measure out the cream, sugar, and mix in a three pound coffee can with lid.

Insert the three can into the ten can. Add ice, and salt. The kids will then spend the next hour to hour and a half rolling the cans back and forth to make ice cream. Driveway or uncarpeted room is perfect for this. The ice cream and cupcakes are the highlight of the event. When the kids arrive they draw a number. We have team 1 and team 2. Each group will need an adult chaperon.

Each team starts with a pen. They go from one tens to another in your neighborhood asking for something bigger. But they can only trade up once at a single house. The teams have one hour to get the biggest item.

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It will amaze you at how much fun the neighbors have helping and what they trade for. One team brought back an old ten speed bike and the other a two wheeled cart. The winning team must serve the losing team ice cream and cake. Let the kids rest and open gifts. Ad Now it is off to the mall. Once again, teams are drawn. Each team is given a list of 50 things that they need to scavenger for. The lists must be the same items and one paper sack to hold their items. Each team has an adult chaperon. They can ask people walking in the mall, people working in stores, etc. Each team has an hour to collect the most items.

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