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However, a successful applicant may receive only one grant under the HEA. Eligibility Details Designation as an eligible institution is required prior to formal application to the SIP or any other Higher Education Act grant program. Note that eligibility designation for waivers are effective for one year: Those applicants approved for eligibility waiver letters are expected to be announced by April 2, Provided the applicant institution is listed as automatically eligible within the current FY's eligibility matrix green color coding or applied for a waiver yellow color coding and received an approval letter, they are then permitted to apply to the SIP program once the window opens.

For more information about this process, see: A similar deadline is anticipated biennially However, if the EM does not show that your institution is automatically eligible yellow color coding for a program in which you plan to apply for a grant, you must submit a waiver request as discussed in this summary before the deadline.

Number of questions will be between 8 and 9. A compact deadline is pointed biennially.

If the entry for your institution in the EM shows that your institution is automatically eligible green color coding insfitutions apply for a grant for a particular program and instituions plan to submit an application for a grant in Strenhthening program, you will not need to apply for eligibility or for a waiver through the process described in this summary. The FY18 eligibility matrix is available here: The eligibility window was from February 14 until March 16, this was an "off" year for SIP. Pending this initial calculation or approval of waiver, institutions must then meet further qualifications based on the specific grant program under the HEA for which they wish to apply.

This program does not require cost sharing or matching unless the grantee uses a portion of its grant for establishing or improving an endowment fund. The title III, part A programs are: Number of awards will be between 8 and 9.

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Grant period is up to 60 months 5 years. Beginning February 14,an institution will be able to review the Department's decision on whether it is eligible for the grant programs authorized by Titles III or V of the HEA through this process by checking the institution's eligibility in the Eligibility system linked through the Department's Institutional Service Eligibility website at: Rather, you may print out the eligibility letter directly. The Department will use enrollment and fiscal data for the year submitted by institutions to IPEDS to make eligibility determinations for FY

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