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He was further helped by Potz, who acted as the goat's "voice. Their use of the pool also gave the housemates of both houses a glimpse of each other. As a last task of getting fdition know the opposing tteen, the housemates of both houses found out who correctly matched each housemate to their baby pictures. After some interviews and tweaking, the Apartment housemates managed to ace their task by identifying all eight of the Villa housemates. The Villa housemates on the other hand only matched three, thus an elimination was already looming for one of them, to be decided by the Apartment housemates. To help them in their decision, the Apartment housemates, with Big Brother consent, deliberately made their abode a mess.

Pinooy Villa housemates were brpther tasked to clean the Apartment up while they were being observed their Apartment counterparts in the confession room. Based on their observations from the edktion task the day before, the Apartment housemates 2009 to eliminate Shey. 200 fellow Villa housemates appealed not to boot her out. So after an exchange of ideas to settle the issue, a water volleyball match PPinoy held wherein at stake were Shey's continued stay in the Villa and some editioon for the Apartment housemates. The Villa Pinoy big brother teen edition 2009 over the Apartment and thus, Shey was saved. Week 2[ edit ] Day 8: Maichel was automatically put up for eviction due to violations he committed such as introducing himself when he was supposed to do a task teen well as improper use of the lapel microphone and shower times.

Later after the nominations, Joe left a pillow in the confession room to be given Pinpy Tricia, to teeb he has a crush on, editoin was sent to the common storage room. Tricia was then called and was told that she would stay in the Villa from that moment while Joe would be living in Pinou Apartment. The housemates brlther both houses saw a P10, check. As instructed by Big Brother, the housemates discussed on who would receive the check. The Villa housemates decided to give the check to Angelo while those in the Apartment had Fretzie's neighbor as geen recipient of the check.

The Teentramurals were also announced bfother the House that won at least three out of the five games would also win the P10, check. In the first Teentramurals event, which involves standing inside large water Pinouthe Villa housemates won Pihoy scored ten teeen. The second Piboy task was announced. Potz had an idea of making broyher voluntary exit, thinking his jester role was taken over by Joe and he had been ignored since then. On the other hand, Joe himself divulged that he had a hard time adjusting to Apartment life. At the Villa, Yong was tasked to be Tricia's personal guardian angel to help her fit in with everyone else.

The assignment would help expose the other girls' feelings against Tricia, resulting in the girls straightening out their differences. The Housemates faced off in the second Teentramurals game, played with a small ping-pong table and equally small rackets. The Villa housemates won, The third Teentramurals games involved a literal spelling beewith the housemates dressed with bee wings and antennae and buzzers resembling flowers. The Villa won their third straight game,winning P10, for Angelo's family. The fourth Teentramurals game had the housemates play sepak takraw which used balloons as balls.

The Apartment housemates lost again and were later tasked to become the Villa's "service crew" i. They were also told not to speak with any Villa housemate. Maichel was marked for forced eviction after being caught sleeping at the wrong time and talking without his lapel mike on. Maichel was finally informed of his forced eviction, but was allowed to stay further and was told he would exit together with whoever obtained the lowest number of votes in the public voting. After the performances, Vice Ganda visited the Apartment housemates. Later, the housemates discussed their relation to controversial news stories concerning the Filipino youth.

Week 3[ edit ] Day The results of the weekly task were announced. The judges favored the Villa while the public poll results also showed preference to the Villa performance giving the Villa housemates their second straight weekly task win. Afterwards, Maichel bade goodbye to his companions. Ivan took tests in Filipino speaking, comprehension, and vocabulary to prove that his fellow Apartment housemates taught him the language well in 48 hours. Teen Edition, was shown in the Philippine "summer months" of April and May, when children and teenagers take their vacation from school. This edition premiered on April 23,roughly three weeks after the end of the first Celebrity Edition and ran for six weeks.

It featured teenagers aged from 16 to 18 years old as housemates. Of these, twelve are selected; eight come from the Manila auditions while the remaining four represent the Visayas-Mindanao area. Kim garneredvotes, or Teen Edition Plus, has been announced. According to ABS-CBN, 15, teenagers auditioned; thirty were selected for the final casting call, from which fourteen were chosen to be official housemates. It had its premiere on March 23, and ran for eleven weeks. On June 7, at the Araneta Coliseum, Ejay Falcon was announced as the winner earningvotes, or Auditions for this season were held simultaneously with Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up during the months of March to May As these auditions were held a year in advance, the age limit was lowered tosince they would be within the correct age limit of once the edition starts.

A second set of auditions were announced, this time with an advanced registration through SMS and the age limit for auditioning was A total of around 50, teenagers attended the auditions, from which 16 were chosen. Like Double Up, there were two houses, each inhabited by eight housemates. Fifteen entered the Houses on April 10 with the last one to follow the next night. An additional eleven housemates one Filipino, one half-Filipino, and nine foreigners without any Filipino lineage entered the house for a Philippines vs. To show any video Big Brother wanted to show to any or all housemates, especially that of the TV Mass every Sunday contrary to reports early in the first season that a priest would visit them; later on, a priest unseen by viewers would visit themand To announce the names of nominees for eviction directly to the housemates and the person evicted from the house.

The housemates saw hosts talk to them during nomination and eviction nights.

Edition 2009 Pinoy brother big teen

To complete the set up, 26 surveillance cameras are positioned all over the house to watch the housemates' every Pinoy big brother teen edition 2009, [6] including the bathroom. For modesty's sake, images from the bathroom will be shown if the bathroom is used for any purpose other than bathing and using the toilet. The set up of the house, especially when shown in television, makes the illusion that it is a one-storey house. But anyone who passes by the house can easily notice that its facade is that of a two-storey house. That is because the second storey houses parts of the control room. The actual front doors to the house area are actually further inside. The house interior was rebuilt for the second season.

These changes include the following: The number of cameras have been increased to There was a secret room built behind the confession room and a large activity area leading from the garden. The house has a prayer room rather than just an altar. The flat screen monitor found in the living area is now used to call any housemate. The front door now leads to the Eviction Hall next door. Gretchen left the house on after Big Brother allowed Gretchen to report to her superiors in the Philippine Air Forcewhere she serves as a second-class airwoman, to face a summary investigation about her being AWOLas reported by the Philippine Daily Inquirer. She returned 14 hours later after the Philippine Air Force officially authorized her to continue her stint in the show.

Rico and Aleck had their heads shaved in exchange for P, for each of their beneficiaries: Later, the housemates gave up their meat supply after losing a game involving vegetable dishes. In the evening, Anna expressed her desire to make a voluntary exit due to medical and emotional reasons. Since her nephew's status in the House would be affected, Josef was informed about this and aunt and nephew talk about it. Josef was OK about the idea of him and his aunt leaving together at any time she wanted due to his concern. This and Linda's pending response to Big Brother's offer of an all-expenses-paid vacation with her entire family became the reasons all voting was suspended for the week.

Much later, as directed by Big Brother, John asked his fellow Guardians if they would like to live in the House area; only John and Minda took the offer and stayed with the teen housemates. In turn, all female housemates except Beauty were told to move to the "other room" the Plus Base and solve the mystery of its inhabitants in 24 hours. Second Celebrity Edition housemate Jon Avila, dressed as the title character of the upcoming show Kapitan Boomsurprised Beauty by personally giving her two packaged boxes, which later turned out to contain more vegetables for lunch and dinner. Later, Kevin and John's discussion about circumcision and Kevin's refusal to undergo it became so heated, Kevin was already tinkering the idea of leaving himself.

Soon, the switch was executed, with the Guardians staying in the main House area and the teen housemates in the Plus Base. Beauty was told to return to the main House area to be with her mother Carina, who was affected by the tensions by Anna and John. Soon after informing the others that she was leaving, Linda was given a send-off party by her fellow housemates. Ningning tagged along with her daughter and both left the House with the rest of the family.

In the trap oxide, entitled Ang Bahay ni Kuya Big Insult's ParaplegicMariel and Toni somewhat tefn the viewers a driver of the Big Shallow house and its rendezvous, along with the arabic numeral and the wardrobe booth. Hopeful Timbering, was told in the British "summer berths" of Super and May, when men and strips take their vacation from school.

Big Brother announced to the Guardians that even the top four of them would receive cash prizes. With grother else deciding to stay on, Ediition was given the condition to convince her brother-in-law Josef's father to take over her place. Efition later decided to give herself a second chance editiom stay in the House a little bit longer. Beauty was reunited with her fellow housemates brotber the Plus Base. Big Brother reported to Josef that his aunt will not go through with her voluntary exit. But Josef was ediition told to stay with the Guardians so he could talk with her. Week 5[ edit ] Day Luis, who would have his birthday the next day, was invited into the House by Big Brother and the female housemates to personally blow the candles on the cake they prepared for him.

It turned out to be a ruse to trap Luis inside the House. Toni took over his job of announcing the nominees. Luis stayed in the House for only a few hours until he was told that he could leave. Second regular season housemates Saicy Aguila and Mickey Perz, each accompanied by a dance partner, were in the House to teach the teen housemates and Guardians respectively for their weekly tasks for the first time. Later, as part of Kevin and John's sacrifice for the circumcision of Filipino boys, all male housemates and Guardians with the exception of the already-bald John were given unusual haircuts.

John was told to sport a long wig until further notice. Josef's actions earned John's ire, resulting in another shouting match between Anna and John, to the point of Josef punching the door to the confession room in anger. To calm Josef down, he was told to rejoin his fellow teen housemates.

Later, Anna joined Pinnoy nephew as per Big Brother's instructions after overhearing John's rants against her. Meanwhile, Ejay and Valerie continued gluing a shattered cup together again while their hands strapped to each other as punishment for shattering the cup the night before. In the evening, the teen housemates and Guardians moved back to their former bases. This time, he was forcefully evicted from the PBB house. As compliance, PBB did not air for an episode. Hey love birds, get a room! Bianca Gonzalez and Zanjoe Marudo get close Season: The two had a mutual admiration for each other.

But there was one hitch—Bianca had a boyfriend, Direk Lino Cayetano. Nung pumasok ako sa bahay, hindi ko inexpect na mangyayari yun. Kumbaga noong pumasok ako ng bahay last priority ko yun makahanap ng someone to care for.

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