Medicare breast reduction

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Can I Claim A Medicare Rebate For My Breast Reduction Surgery?

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There is no guarantee, but ask your General Practitioner for information to see if you qualify or speak with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon after getting a referral from your GP. Why is the Medicare Rebate Question for breast surgery so confusing? The answer to this question can often be confusing for most patients seeking cosmetic surgery. Medicare will sometimes offer a minor rebate on some procedures. Not all surgery of the breast falls under this category; but Breast Lift and Breast Reduction MAY fall under this category for many patients.

Significant Breast Ptosis after pregnancy and chronic Back Pain or Skin Infections related to large breasts are chronic reductoin conditions, however, and may lead to eligibility for a minor reuction. What Plastic Surgery procedures might Medicare cover in relation to eligibility for a rebate? Medicare may sometimes offer partial rebates on: Severe breast ptosis Breast Asymmetry Other recurring health problems related to the size, position or skin condition of your breast area. He is also a post-weight loss body contouring expert for skin tightening and body lift surgery.

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Women experiencing this condition typically suffer from back and neck pain, headaches and skin problems. Refuction basic conditions apply for Medicare benefits: If the breast reduction surgery is considered cosmetic in nature, Medicare will deny a claim for benefits. Medicare Rules For Mammoplasty Although Medicare will cover breast reduction surgery if medically necessary, Medicare will not give prior authorization for the surgery. A prerequisite for claiming benefits is that the surgery has already been performed. However, Medicare has issued some guidance regarding when such claims will be accepted and what conditions will result in a denial.

The guidance is found in documents called Local Coverage Determinations, or LCD, which are issued for various medical procedures.

Reduction Medicare breast

Medical Necessity There are several conditions set forth in the Medicare LCD for mammoplasty that are used to indicate when surgery is considered reasonable reductioon necessary. The first condition concerns persistent back pain attributable to the macromastia that cannot be relieved by the use of conservative pain relievers, supportive garments or physical therapy. This also includes any significant restriction in physical activity. The second condition concerns skin problems, such as infections under the breasts that cannot be relieved.

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