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bwlloon To deflate a mylar or plastic balloon for recycling and reuse: Run an internet search using ballkon keyword: Here is a recipe for making inexpensive non-latex water balloons or stress balls. Please do not release mylar or plastic balloons into the air! They are just like beach ball material. This powder picks up the latex molecules and then spreads it around a room where it may be inhaled and possibly cause an individual who has a latex allergy to have a severe reaction.

Dorsey is a certified master of balloons with over 25 years experience. Remember, these balloons can be reused until the valve fails. They are refillable, come with a patch kit, last outdoors for about a year and can be custom imprinted. At your local supermarket, purchase a box of regular flat sandwich bags--not the zip lock and not the fold lock top, just cheap regular plastic bags. There are new laws being introduced and implemented into the legal system all the time on a state by state basis regarding balloons. Latex balloon allergies are caused by the powder in and outside of latex balloons.

Free balloon Latex

Please use nalloon conductive curling ribbon and never a metallic ribbon on any balloon. Custom shapes can be made of just about anything. While not perfect, they do work pretty good. Then heat seal or tie off the other end. Remove any ribbons from the balloon 2.

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