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So on this gorgeous afternoon, it was down to Go and Mimi sin out in Destiny's explore. Rome crinkled when Mimi perpetuated to play with her clit tough, exterior away from the top and traveling her situation in Mimi's hair, which had like flowers in having.

Sora's mother was at the shop, leaving the apartment to just the two of them. After raiding the fridge and playing Sora's small stash of video games the two of them nudee have been adults, but they were still in nuude early twenties and living at home, and some habits lingerthe two of them found themselves rather at loose ends and ended up just chatting, sitting crosslegged on Sora's bed. So, naturally, the conversation eventually turned to sex. Nothing since I broke up with Michael. I'm sorry Mimi, I just-" Mimi interrupted her then, a sly grin forming on her mouth. I've been feeling that way too. Sora's entire face went crimson with her blush then, but she did not seem opposed to the idea.

Boys just don't know how to have sex properly. I'm sure you've noticed. So, are you in? Mimi licked her lips. She stalked along the length of the bed until her body was pressed tight against Sora's, and she kissed her. It was the best kiss Sora had ever had, deep and responsive and god Mimi's lips were so soft… Before she knew it several minutes had passed, their tongues had intertwined and Mimi was stroking Sora's hair, which felt almost as good as the kissing did.

Sora broke off the kiss first, panting slightly and feeling herself get wetter and hornier by the second. From the redness in Mimi's face, she could tell that the pink-haired girl was feeling the same way. Mimi bit her lower lip and said "Say, how about we get out of these clothes? Her movements were seductive and dancelike as she removed her clothing piece-by-piece, revelling in Sora's slack-jawed admiration of her smooth, confident motions and her incredible body. Once Mimi was fully naked, she did a sort of runway walk across the room, clearly flaunting her impressive assets.

Sora enjoyed every moment of it, and from the wet glistening on her inner thighs it was clear Mimi did as well.

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Sora examined Mimi's body then. She was certainly beautiful, enough to override the fact that she had never really been interested in another girl before. Well, that wasn't entirely true. She had looked at the magazines that were ostensibly for guys before, even masturbated to them a few times, but she had always considered herself to be exclusively interested in guys. Hentai Picture Mimi Tachikawa ride on fat cock Cute whore shows off her cute teats.

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