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Is It Safe to Whiten Teeth During Pregnancy?

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I have also read several articles too. They did make my teeth a little sensitive for a pregjant and after so many days my gums started prebnant hurt from the peroxide etrips I'd just skip a day or just do it once a day instead of twice. Said it irritated his gums too much. Now my fiance quit after a couple days. I'd like to try them if they work well. I've been thinking about buying self tanner but the weather is getting warm here now so I might just get some sun for a short period of time here and there. So I decided not to do it. Food and Drug Administration, which regulates over-the-counter teeth whiteners, says it is unaware of any safety problems.

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June 1 I painted my nails all through my pregnancy and it was fine. I tan easily anyway. Klein counters that, whatever precautions are taken, there's always a chance of chemical leakage or escaping gases. I'm sure I'll need one. For those who have used them before, they know that afterwards your teeth are extra-sensitive to cold and sometimes hurt a bit I'm 20 wks so I'm not going to worry about it and I'm done tormenting my hair.

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