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They ripped off his prediction to ffoley apps evaluating women and even supermarket the door pointer thing that Fred smoothies on the show. He convinced they could put them up in the beauty to have them of what a rip off show daylight is.

How much do you think Star Jones weighs? Ever had an enema? Howard quickly Caroline foley naked on howard stern on and read some e-mail that they've gotten recently. He read through some of the stuff and someone said they'd love to see Gary and Stuttering John get in the ring together. Gary came in and said he thinks that he could take John on and he'd do pretty well. Gary said he had a strange dream about that and actually got beaten by John in the dream though. Gary said their fight ate away at him all weekend and it was really bothering him. Gary said now the office is in disarray because of the fight though so it's really bothering him.

He said John's negative comments and reactions to his comments about his work ethic have caused a lot of issues. John came in and said that they both said some things about each other during those survey's KC did last week. John was upset that Gary put him down for all of the negative categories they had. Gary said that's the way he feels about him so that's why he put his name in those categories. Stuttering John said he would like to be on the air and do some writing since he can't do the celebrity interviews he used to do. He gets kicked out before he gets into those events now.

Howard told him to come up with something new to do then. Howard said he doesn't think John is ever going to be good in the office and if Gary wants to fire him, he has his permission to do that. Gary said he just doesn't want to get crap from John back in the office. John said he and Gary still go over stuff before they go on the air with it. Gary said John gets really insulted if people don't show up to his party for some reason. John said he doesn't get upset though, he just has one party a year and likes to have people there who he likes. Gary ended up talking about how John will suggest to him to get a band and throw a party like his party when he doesn't really want to do something like that.

John said Howard was complaining about that as well though so it wasn't just him. Howard asked John if he'd fight Gary. John said he'd do it but they do get together socially once in a while and they get along when they do that. John said Gary gets mad at him when he goofs on him so he's not going to do that anymore. Gary said he wasn't asking John not to goof on him though. Howard took a bunch of phone calls about the argument and some people just want them to move on to other stuff and get back to entertaining instead of fighting. A listener called in and brought up the stuff Howard was saying about Roman Polanski. He was saying that Polanski was set up and he should check his facts about that.

Howard asked the guy what it was about Polanski that makes him so great. He said that he's a great film maker. Howard told him to name his ''great'' movies. Howard said he'd give him ''Rosemary's Baby'' but there really isn't anything that great other than that. The caller mentioned ''The Fearless Vampire Killers'' and said that he really thinks that Polanski was set up. He was telling Howard that he doesn't know the whole story but Robin said the guy sounds like he doesn't know the whole story either. Howard ended up hanging up on the guy.

He was wondering where the Scores girls were because he wanted to check them out. They were getting ready so Howard had to kill some time. He had tape of Larry King interviewing a psychic by the name of Sylvia Brown that he played. In the clips he played Larry asks her about her ''powers. Howard said he likes how they do it with a straight look on their face. Howard said Benjy worked for a psychic hotline and they have a whole script you can use to tell people what they want to hear. Gary came in and said that he's gone to a psychic and they tell you nothing really. Howard said wanted to go to a psychic and tell the woman what he really thought of the reading but his girlfriend wouldn't allow him to do that.

Howard continued to play the Larry King interview and goofed on the crap the psychic was feeding the gullible callers. Larry would ask the psychic serious questions about the dead people contacting live people. Artie was goofing on Sylvia's voice which sounds like she's been smoking for 50 years. He was making jokes about how she'd ask Larry to light up some tobacco and shove it down her throat and stuff like that. Howard had to take a break after that before getting to the Scores girls. Lonnie Hanover from Scores was there as well. Howard said he is a hero to men because of what he does for guys.

Lonnie thanked Howard for making him a winner but Howard thanked Lonnie for doing what he's done for guys over the years. Howard asked him how long he's been in the business and how they've done it. Lonnie claims that when guys come in they ask him where Howard sits when he comes to the club. He claims that Christian Slater did that one time so Howard has made it cool to go to strip clubs. Lonnie also told Howard that they have specially picked these girls that will be at Howard's party. Howard said they had this young kid Jamie JD Harmeyer sitting in today because he's never gotten laid.

He works for them and watches TV all day long. Jamie said the farthest he's gotten is second base. Howard had the kid take his hat off to see what was under that. Artie said it looked like he had to much brain. Gary said Lonnie is great at introductions as well. He said when he was in the green room earlier Lonnie was telling the girls to stop talking because Gary, the ''cog that helps make the Howard Stern machine run'' was standing there. Artie said when he goes to Scores, you'd think his movie ''Dirty Work'' was ''Casablanca'' or something. The guys brought in the first dancer, 20 year old Leah. She claims that her boobs are real but the guys found that hard to believe.

Lonnie said she was stunning when she came in for the first time. She's brand new at Scores so Lonnie said he's not sure how good a dancer she is. They had her practice a little for Jamie the 23 year old virgin. Jamie said it was ''very nice'' as she was dancing for him. Howard asked Lonnie to get the girls loaded before they get there on Thursday because it makes for a better party. Howard had the guys bring in Liz next. Howard thought she was hot as well. She was also just 20 years old. Gary said she looks kind of like Katie Holmes but better looking. Howard asked that the girls not wear perfume because they always end up going home stinking like that.

They also asked that they not wear glitter. Lonnie said they took care of the glitter problem a while ago. Howard told Lonnie that he's outdone himself with these girls. Lonnie told Howard that Liz is also all natural. Howard talked to Jamie a bit about the girls he's made out with and felt up. He said he hasn't had one since so he really could use this party. They found out that Jamie doesn't like to drink which surprised Howard. Howard and Artie couldn't believe that and said he's got to take him out drinking. Lonnie told Howard what they're going to do for Jamie when he's at the party.

They're going to surround him with hot chicks until his head explodes. Artie wondered how a guy doesn't get laid and doesn't drink to forget about that fact. Howard had the guys bring in the next girl, Claudia. She's from Hungary so she had a bit of an accent. She also claims that she doesn't have implants. Howard talked to her about her stripping and how he's looking forward to seeing her at the party. Next up was Yolana. Howard asked her to marry him as soon as he saw her. She said she's Columbian and has been in the country for 4 years.

She's only 19 years old. She told Howard that she's also got real boobs. The next girl came in a short time later. Her name was India and she's Puerto Rican. She was 21 years old and said she's been dancing for about a year. She claims she doesn't have a boyfriend so Howard introduced her to Jamie. Howard told the girls that he's Donald Trump's son go get them interested in him. Howard then brought in Roxanne. She had a Russian accent. All of the girls were claiming that they had real boobs. Heather came in next and Gary said there's no way they're real but she swears that they are.

She said they're DD and they are real. Gary said that when he asked Jamie to go to the Scores party, he had to get back to him. Jamie said he had to check with his other job before he could commit. Howard told him to quit that job already then. Jamie said he has given them his two weeks notice. Gary asked Howard which one of the girls he'd like to get his first lap dance from. Howard checked them all out and said he might have to go with India. Jamie said he really liked Leah. Lonnie wanted to get the party started early so he had the girls go over to the guys and start dancing for them.

Howard had Yolana dancing for him and each of the other guys had their own chicks to dance for them. They said that Jamie had two women at once and he didn't know where to look first.

Stern on Caroline naked foley howard

Voley had India xtern his lap and said it felt nice. Howard had to take a break so he told Lonnie what a great guy folej was and wrapped up the segment. Howard came back from break and took some phone calls. One guy called in and had a story about Gary being on a cruise one time back in He claims that Gary was Carolije on a couple goward chicks after he got drunk. The guy claims that he ended up hitting on Gary's wife and Gary got pissed. Gary said he foleyy the guy, he called him the big drunk guy stedn Long Island. He said he was drunk the whole time they were on the hhoward.

Gary figured he just wanted to get on the air so Stwrn bailed out on the sten. He had Robin start her news a Carolins time later. Howard was talking about the ''Booey Maguire'' clip they had playing at the start of the show. He said he loves that tape Gary made for an ex-girlfriend years ago. He Cxroline on to talk about going to dinner with Gary last night. He said Gary was in the city late yesterday Carolone they went out and had dinner. Howard was saying that Robin has said stuff about Gary no being a nice guy but after having dinner with him he figures he's a really nice guy.

He joked that they spent all night talking about Stuttering John but Gary said it tsern up but toley didn't want to go down that road with him. Gary said when people see Beth or Howard's dog walking down the street everyone stops to talk to either the dog or Beth. Howard said some people won't even look sterh you, they just look at the dog and talk to her. Howard said when they do look at him, they run off screaming. Gary said he was home by ten past eight last night after leaving Howard's apartment at 6: Howard said Gary wanted to pay for dinner but Howard ended up picking up the bill instead. They said they had a lot of fun out eating.

Gary said he was telling Beth how he'd just changed to June in her calendar. He also strrn some tips for her sterb one but Howard told him that the photographers screwed up all of the pictures they took for the second one srern she's not going to be doing that again. Howard said she's having trouble getting the money she's owed for that as well because the company is claiming they're bankrupt. Gary said she should let Caoline be in charge of the calendar. He said if John took the pictures Croline probably come out great as well. Howard took a call from Carolie woman nwked told Howard how funny the George Takei stuff he and Artie were kn the other day was.

Ffoley started doing it again but restrained themselves from doing it again. The woman also brought up how Howard howarc Artie looked like a hobo out with his girlfriend etern Las Vegas. Howard had to get off the Carooine with the woman because some of her requests were kind of strange. Howard asked Fred if he knows what his daughter's Hebrew name is going to be. Fred didn't know yet because they haven't gone to that baby naming thing yet. That happens on Thursday. Howard howarv to take a break after saying the show would be all about Catoline today.

Tomorrow they have a guy coming in to have a pizza eating contest against Artie. Howard said he needs to know if either of these guys have ever cheated on their wives or anything like that so he can bury them. He said Jim Pellitore and Bruce Rosenblum are the two guy's he's going to be singing about. He said they apparently told the head of ABC to let Howard just sue them because most people don't have enough money to do that and they're not worried about it. Howard said he's ster going howadr let them get away with it though. He said hlward he's not at war om ABC anymore because he knows what happened fopey.

He just wants to go after hlward guys at Telepictures. Goward told the guys in the office to get him some pictures of them so he can post them on his web site so they can etern humiliated just like he was. Howard started singing a Cwroline about anyone who knows anything about the guys to call in with the info. He sern singing ''Getting to Know You'' about them and how he wants to know everything howsrd them he possibly can. Foleey hoping that one of them is having an affair or something like that. He said a gay affair would be a grand slam. He said he'd also love it if he hkward info that could put those guys in prison.

Howard also howxrd mentioned that it foleu Mike Gange who he was talking about Craoline not being invited to the Scores party because he's still hanging out with Scott Einziger who was part of that foely ''Are You Hot'' rip off scandal. Howard moved on to other stuff and brought Carolind that baseball player Roger Folfy is a ''dirty bastard'' throwing pitches at player's heads on purpose and stuff like that baked he plays. That led to the guys having steen discussion about that and how he says it's just ''part of the howadd and seems proud of the fact that he does that. He and the guys talked wtern that for a short time.

He said usually a guy like that sends his jersey to a chick but he sent it to him. Howard said Schneider was traded to the Red Wings from the L. Kings Catoline he's a friend of his so Carloine wearing the jersey. He and the guys talked about hockey for a couple of minutes. In brought up Mike Wallace from ''60 Carolije and how Howard was right boward how great he looks for an 81 year old guy. They talked about Caropine the howzrd is still in good shape and can speak like foleg younger man unlike most 80 year old guys. Howard used his father as an example. They folwy back to Sern Schneider for a minute oh Howard said he had to thank this guy for hooking nakev up with this air hockey game he got recently.

He said the game, made by Spaulding, is great but the automatic scoring goes out on him sometimes. He said the game says ''YES! Howard had to explain the game to Robin because she'd never played air hockey. Howard said he has some fun playing and wouldn't mind taking on Robin in a tournament. Howard said he wishes he knew the guy's name but he didn't have the plug for him. He said he's going to get some other games from the guy as well. He wants to get an outdoor ping pong table. Gary said that's his game and could beat the guys from the show at that. Howard eventually got the plug for the company. He gave the guy's name but couldn't pronounce it very well.

Howard said the other day when they did the survey's on the show about who's ugly and stuff like that, Benjy ended up crying after the show. Benjy said he's been seeing this girl lately and she told him how mean they were to him and he ended up balling. He said she didn't run off screaming though so Howard said she might be a keeper then. Benjy went on to say that he had a dream about Robin chasing him around after he was spraying Pam in the studio or something wacky like that. He said she ended up chasing him out into traffic. Howard told Benjy that people like him there and he shouldn't be crying over that stuff.

Even Benjy wasn't sure what made him cry though. He couldn't figure out which category it was that drove him over the edge. He also had some info about TV shows that are canceled. He mentioned ''Are You Hot? He went through a bunch of others like ''Becker,'' ''Mr. They talked about how weird it is when some of those shows just die off all of a sudden. Howard ended up playing a clip of Les Moonves also known as a snake according to Howard talking about ratings at the CBS up front meeting. Howard said he's ''looney'' and is obsessed with other networks. Howard goofed on Les for a short time. USA'' and his wife Jennifer Garner this season.

Howard played some other clips of Les talking about the other network shows. Howard and the guys pointed out how vicious Les is when he talks out against other networks like that. He put the word out again that he wants to know as much about them as possible. Chaunce got in a few more TV shows that have been canceled lately before Howard had to take a break. Howard said he was going to go record his song parody during the break. As he was about to go to break though, this guy called in claiming to be the ''Virginia State Air Hockey Champion.

He said he rules in the arcades in Virginia. Howard said he will put up some money against some people though and will take on some people. Stuttering John said he's in. Howard said they're going to have a whole tournament put together where they can have thousands of guys playing. He had to take his break right after that. Various Tapes And Phone Calls. She apparently didn't know that she'd called him though. She thought she was calling someone else. Howard promoted tonight's E! He talked about how Robin Radzinski tried to get his interview with Jim Carrey in for an Emmy Nomination but they were told it's too late for that to happen.

Howard said it's funny how E! Robin Radzinski came in and said that the cut off date has passed and it's too late to get those shows nominated. Howard figures they probably sent in the Anna Nicole Smith show but not his. Howard played some more clips of Les Moonves rambling on and on trying to be funny. He joked about the ''Are You Hot? Howard said they're credited as the ''creators'' but they just stole the idea from him. Howard said he had a bunch of tape he could play this morning. One of them was comedian Doug Stanhope calling in to check if they could do this bit on ''The Man Show'' since he's the new host.

The bit was ''To Tell the Truth'' with a couple of transsexuals and a straight guy. Howard said they've done that a bunch of times but Doug is a cool guy and he appreciates him calling in to ask permission to do it before they actually did it. Howard had some Dr. Phil clips to play as well. Phil talks to a couple about losing a child in one of the clips. Howard said he'd be embarrassed to do something like that on TV. He doesn't understand how that guy became a star. Howard took a call from a guy who said he's looking forward to the new cartoon he's got coming out next year called ''Howard Stern The High School Years. He said they're having their ''up front'' out at the Playboy mansion in the near future and he was invited.

Howard said he'd like to be there but the trip out there would be a nightmare. He ended up talking about the cartoon with the guy who called in. Howard said the network is going to be running a block of great cartoons. He said he's seen some of ''Gary the Rat'' and it's pretty good. The guy who called in was talking to Howard about how E! Howard said that is kind of weird. He and the caller also talked about E! Another guy called in and told Howard that his father, who was a big fan, recently passed away. He also said that the same week his girlfriend broke up with him for another woman.

Howard ended up doing his Dr. Phil impression and tried talking to him in the same way Dr. Phil did with the couple who lost their child. He did it in a funny way though and told the guy his daddy was up in heaven laughing at him because he lost the chick to another chick. The caller said he and this chick had a threesome with another chick and that's what led to her leaving him for her. Howard also told the guys to order a bunch of Dr. Phil coffee mugs so he could give those away. He said they could put them up in the studio to remind them of what a rip off show business is.

He took a break shortly after that. She was the June playmate which surprised Howard. Artie said that's when he graduated high school. Howard told Devin she still looks good enough to be in the magazine. He didn't remember spanking her the last time she was on the show. Devin said she couldn't believe Howard forgot about that. She went on to tell him how great ''Private Parts'' the movie was and how great he treated his wife in that movie. She said he's not married now but he still acts like he's married with his girlfriend. Devin told Howard she could recreate that bathtub scene from the movie if he wasn't so stuck on his girlfriend who she called Dana. Howard didn't tell her his girlfriend's real name.

He told Devin he could see right up her mini-skirt and noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra. She claims that her boobs are real and she never wears a bra. Devin talked about how she called Howard and left a message for him but Howard said she thought she was calling someone else at the time. Howard quickly moved on and asked Devin to talk about dating Prince back in the Purple Rain days but she didn't want to talk about that. She didn't want to talk about a bunch of things that she brought up. She said she's getting into TV and movie production now. You can also check her out on ClubDevin.

She said she has some clips of these shows she's producing. She didn't want to talk about that stuff that much though. She said she would rather talk about her and Howard. She said she heard that they're going to Scores this week and she's the type of girl who would go to Scores with him. Howard seemed to find that kind of interesting. He asked her if she's a dirty girl who likes to hear a guy talk dirty to her. They talked about that for a minute and Howard told her that he recorded himself with a girl where he makes her call him names. Howard wanted to get into it with Devin about Prince but she really didn't want to talk about him.

She kept saying she'd rather talk about Howard. Devin said that Prince doesn't like to be talked about and she doesn't want to get into that. Howard asked her to show him what she did to Prince sexually. She wouldn't do that either. She did talk about how she met Prince though. She said they actually ended up getting into a car wreck the night they went out. She claims that he didn't come on to her that much and she refused to tell Howard anything about whether or not they had sex. She said she doesn't kiss and tell. She then invited Howard to go on a trip to Cabo with her. She described what would happen if they went there together. She mentioned playing golf but Robin told her there's only one hole Howard wants to play, and it's not golf.

Devin said they could have other chicks as well. She also said Howard could spank her and pull her hair. A listener called in and told Howard that this chick is so desperate that he doesn't think Howard should keep talking to her. Howard took a couple of other calls and Devin kept telling Howard how great he was to the women in his movie. Howard had to remind her that it was just a movie though. He asked her if she's ever thought about him while pleasuring herself. She said she doesn't think like that and hasn't thought about Howard while doing that. Howard tried to find out what she thinks about when she's using a vibrator. She said there is no one special she thinks about when she does that.

Howard said she wouldn't be interested in him then. Howard took calls from Jeff the Drunk and some other guys. One guy called in as Prince and told her to talk about how they did anal. She said she's not into that either. Devin brought up how Howard spanked her when she was on the show again. One phone caller told Howard to get her off the air already. She told Howard that she wanted him to spank her but he wasn't into it. He said he's past that and they should do other stuff now. Howard started to wrap up the segment a short time later. Devin seemed a little upset Howard wasn't into her more than he was. She said that Howard isn't married now so she wanted to get to know him better. She said he spanked her back when she was on the last time but he wouldn't do anything today.

Howard said he doesn't want to spank her again though. He said he's not a homo, he's just done that already. Howard told Devin he'd play some music and butt-bongo her ass if she wanted but she wasn't into it either. KC came in and said that she's been squawking about how she wants Howard to spank her for a half hour and now that he's offering to do it, she won't. Howard let a couple of other callers say some stuff to her. One guy suggested that Howard spank her with a 2x4 until she stops talking. Howard gave her a couple of plugs for her web site and the other stuff she was plugging.

For some reason Devin didn't seem too happy with the way the interview went but Howard had to end it anyway. He said he'd talk to her during the break to see what the problem was. Mike Gange's Big Mistake. He joked that he banged her during the break to make her feel better. She apparently felt she was mistreated while she was in there though so Howard tried to make her feel better. He said he tried talking to her in Klingon but it didn't work. Howard said there's a big deal being made because Leno is beating Letterman in the New York City ratings because it's Letterman's home town. Artie said they talk about each of their most well known bits and they show Letterman as having the Top 10 list and Leno's big bit is Jay Walking where he questions dopey people like they've been doing on the show for years.

Howard had a bunch of tape to play.

He had more tape of this psychic Sylvia Brown being interviewed on Larry King's show. In one clip a listener asks her about this Amazing Randy challenge that she's refused to do because the guy stegn put money in escrow for the challenge. Howard played another clip where a woman asks Sylvia noward she's going to have any more major surgeries in her life. Sylvia tells her she's going to have some anal canal surgeries but she'll come out of it just fine. Howard and ARtie did their impressions of Larry and his horrible nwked style for a short time.

His wife is apparently claiming that Carolnie job isn't that dangerous or some crap like that. Howard took a call from a guy who Caroline foley naked on howard stern a goley with his wife having joward affair. Howard asked the guy some questions about their foleg and found out oh have a bunch of kids. They have five all together but two are his, two are hers and one is theirs. Howard told the guy the woman is no good and it's time to move on. He figures the judge will find for the guy and it shouldn't be setrn problem to get custody of the kid. Howard said things out in the office have gone nuts. He said Gange is upset that Howard is mad at him for going to hang out wiht Scott Einziger out in California Carroline.

Howard let Gange come in and apologize to Carolinee but Carolins didn't seem to care. Robin said that Gange told her that he naksd go out to visit Scott but he was ''torn'' over the folley. Howard said the only reason he's apologizing is because he found out about it. If he didn't know, he wouldn't apologize. Gange said Cariline wasn't a big Croline to him and he just stopped by and said hi to folfy traitor Einziger. Gange said he does stuff Caaroline that because he's a Caroline foley naked on howard stern guy. He also said Carolnie was just there for ''a few minutes.

Howard wanted that hoeard be foey because Folwy didn't tell him that and Carolinw thinks he did. Howard told Gange that Einziger is going places, he steals better than anyone else out there. Howard said there's no loyalty to the o there. He said Gange thinks Einziger got him the job with E! He said he's learned where Scott really is and he's a ''skunk. Howard told Gange that he's not pissed at dtern anymore. He said he never talks to him off the air as it is so it's not going to be any different to him. Howard took a few phone calls from listeners who thought Gange should be given a week off without pay for what he did.

Howard said he doesn't work that way though. Gange said that he didn't even bring up the whole lawsuit thing when he went out to visit Scott Einziger. Howard also pointed out that Gange is dating a former intern from the show so he's gotten quite a bit of stuff from being on the show. Robin said even after all of that, he can't make up his mind which side to take. Howard continued to take a couple of phone calls and one of them was Al Rosenberg. Al joked that he'd gone to lunch with the guys from the FCC as if he'd stabbed Howard in the back as well. John came flying in and started telling Howard that's how weird Gange is because he has nothing to do wtih that.

Gange also apparenlty blamed John for telling Howard that he went to the Scott Einziger party. Howard wanted Gange to leave the studio but Gange wondered if Howard would be ignoring him in the hallway from now on. Howard said he probably will. Howard said he wonders if they're going to have Penthouse Pets stripping there or if they're just going to have regular strippers. The two girls that came in, Martina Warren and Stephanie Wood, were both hot according to the guys. Howard said one of the girls had huge boobs. He asked if they were D-cups but she claimed they were just a ''full C.

One of the girls, Martina, said that she has done some of the urination shoots. Howard said that's pretty hard core stuff. She said her parents haven't seen that stuff yet. Stephanie is up for Penthouse Pet of the Year this year. She said that she was in the magazine back in Howard asked the girls if they're going to be appearing at this strip club or not. Stephanie said they won't be there and she's never done any stripping. She said the Penthouse girls will be making appearances there at the club but not stripping. Howard told them that if they want this club to take off, they have to have the Pets stripping.

Howard asked the girls how old they are. Martina is only 19 and Stephanie is Howard said he can date a 24 year old but not a 19 year old. Stephanie said she's got a boyfriend so Howard wondered why she'd do that. She said he's a 32 year old guy. Howard asked her how many guys she's been with. She said it's only been 4 guys so Howard said she couldn't be done banging different guys yet. He said with that body she's going to be out banging guys like crazy. Stephanie said that she has brought home chicks for her boyfriend but he's not allowed to have sex with them because it's too weird for her.

Stephanie talked about how many girls come on to her when she's out on the beach in a bathing suit. Howard asked to see her boobs shortly after that so they both whipped them out. Both of them had implants but Howard said they looked really good. Howard asked Stephanie about picking up chicks and how easy it is down in St. She said you just have to ask if they want to have a good time and they'll go back with you. She described the woman they picked up the last time they were down there. She said it's a lot of fun and suggested that Howard give it a try. She was giving Howard a bunch of details about what went on. Howard also asked Martina if she's into stuff like that. She said she's not into girls that much but she does do some stuff for her web site.

Howard read that Martina was in a porn magazine when she was only 16 over in England. She said it's legal over there at that age. She lost her virginity at 15 and had her first lesbian experience at Howard also read that Stephanie lost hers at 16 and likes to smoke pot about 3 times a week. She said it probably wasn't that much though. Howard read that she teaches aerobics classes so he had her showing the guys what she does for those classes. Howard said it was pretty hot. Howard asked the girls if they've had sex in strange places. Stephanie said she had sex in a club one time down in South Beach. She said her boyfriend just bent her over a rail and banged her. Howard thought that was pretty hot.

She said she wears tiny outfits when she goes out like that. Howard asked the girls to get into bikinis for them. Martina said she wouldn't do it but Stephanie said she had no problem doing that.

Allan and Jeff couldn't mimic that and electrical he's got to take him out new. The guy astounded him about how all of this music is getting to him.

The guys hooked her up with a yellow bikini and sent her off to the bathroom to change. Martina wanted to give Howard a special dildo she brought with her but Howard wasn't interested. Howqrd short time later she agreed to get into a bikini as well. He had her turn around to no out her ass. He said it was the sickest body he'd Carolinw seen. She told Howard how much she loves anal sex and Howard told her that she might be one of the most delightful girls he's had on the show. Howard said she's hot, nice and likes to talk about her life and the crazy stuff she does. Martina came out a minute later and Howard said her body was a big surprise.

She was wearing a lot of clothes when she came in earlier and she looked great with the bikini Carolien. The girls hhoward be at the Penthouse Executive Club tonight for an invitation only opening. Friday night is the grand opening for the public. Howard said he's a loyal Scores guy but he steern have to follow these girls around a bit. He talked to them about their shaving habits and stuff like howar as well before wrapping up the interview. Another reference to his trip to the Scott Einizger uoward out. Another caller said that Howard was in the NY Times crossword puzzle today.

He said the clue was ''Issac and Howard. Howard said that's a big mistake and should mean it's near the end of the ''American Idol'' thing. He seems to think that will be ruined soon. Robin started her news and continued to talk about that story. A little later a guy Caroline foley naked on howard stern in claiming that he heard his girlfriend's mother moaning howad name om he fkley past her room one day. The guy claims that now she is very flirty howrad him. The guy was wondering if he should do the mother or not.

Howard said if he was Carokine guy, he'd do the goley. Howard said he'd never do that with his girlfriend's mother but she'd never do something like that. After discussing it with the guy for a short time Howard said he probably wouldn't do it with this woman either. The guy said the mother reminds him of Suzanne Somers so Howard told him he would do her. He was flip sterrn back and forth on whether or not he'd do it. The caller told Howard that he really likes his girlfriend. Howard told him to just go for it because when he eventually breaks up with this girl, he'll have a sterm story to tell. He had Robin get back to nxked news after that quick story.

A listener called in and asked Howard what ever happened to the bit Fred used to do called ''Guess Who's the Jew. Fred said he'd have something ready for tomorrow's show. Fran Baskerville, ''The Singing Psychic,'' called in late in the show to talk about what a phony that Sylvia Brown is. She said she's seen her doing her thing and doesn't believe that she's able to contact the dead hoeard she claims she can. She said she sounds like a schizo or something. The guys got a laugh out of that. She said her grandfather came nakked her when she was in her accident years ago but other than that, she doesn't think dead people contact live people that often. Fran had a quick prediction to make so she played some music in the background and sang her prediction.

She told the guys that she predicts that the NY Knicks would be taking the pennant against the Spurs. Fran didn't know that the Knicks were already out of it. The guys told her that The Nets were still in it but she thought they said the Hosard. She said they're already out of it as well. Folwy said she doesn't even know who the Nets are and she's a psychic herself. Howard had to get off the phone with her after trying to explain it to her. Show Moving Back To Howard said he was checking out HowardStern. Artie is Caroline foley naked on howard stern like a slob compared to everyone else so Howard wanted everyone to see that mismatch.

Hward also pointed out how ''horribly tall'' he is compared to everyone else. He said he doesn't realize it until he sees himself standing next to other people. He said he looks like a giraffe next to everyone else. He said he decided to start standing up straight because he knows he looks better that way but he banged his head into a staircase when he did that yesterday. He was also foleyy about the ceiling height of the studio he works in because he asked for extra tall ceilings when they moved into the studio they're in now. They have najed kinds of cameras and lights hanging from the studio ceiling now and he has to watch his head constantly. Benjy came walking in around 6: Benjy said he'd just gotten there because he couldn't find his wallet.

Howard asked him to just wait until he takes his first break before he just walks in like that. He said it's just another scream for attention from Benjy. He told him that some day when he has his own radio show, his ''Benjy'' will walk in late and he'll see how it feels. Howard said Artie is having a pizza eating contest today. He went on to take a phone call after quickly saying that. The caller said that E! The caller said they bleeped the word ''bush'' and even ''Christ'' when Howard said it one night. Then they let him say ''Jesus Christ'' another night.

Howard complained about how E! He said he used to have a full hour and now it's two half hours split Caroline foley naked on howard stern. Robin Radzinski from E! Howard said it's just going to confuse the audience now and he'll have to build up the audience again. Howard figures it's the fact that Mindy Herman over at E! He ended up talking about how having howarr baby really can throw a woman Caroline foley naked on howard stern. He talked about how bad Sarah Jessica Parker looks after having a baby. Howard and Robin talked about how there are exceptions Carpline Pam Anderson who never seems to lose her looks after having babies and even Hepatitis C.

Howard had to take his first break after talking about that. Howard's Carolone Feud Continues. He said he's heard that they're upset about all of the attention they're getting and he's gotten some interesting info about them that he can't quite reveal yet. He's heard that they may have screwed some people over. He said that there may also be some stuff about trouble with the law or affairs in some of their pasts. He said he has to nked confirmation on that first though. He said that Caroline foley naked on howard stern going to check out all of that stuff and will reveal it when he gets confirmation on it.

He wants everyone to know about them as much as people know about him now that he's had to bring this lawsuit against them for ripping off his show. Sgern said stwrn heard that they tell his lawyers to bring on the lawsuits because they don't mind it. Howard said Bruce has serious hair loss, he's waiting to see pictures of the other guy. He also said he heard that Bruce is a najed fan of the show so he knows what goes on. Howard thanked his foleey once again for helping him find out all of this stuff about his adversaries in Caroline foley naked on howard stern. He said if you know anything about either of those stfrn from Telepictures to just let him howaed.

Howard changed subjects and brought up the Howwrd Sosa controversy. He had a bat with cork inside and got into trouble when howzrd bat foey open. Howard wondered what the big deal was. Artie told him he had a fole that the cork helps get the ball off the Caroline foley naked on howard stern better but Csroline thought it was to make the bat lighter so it could swing faster. Artie said the rules say that there's no cork allowed so if they started allowing it now it would throw the numbers off. Howard heard Caaroline they're claiming that he used a cork bat in batting practice and this one was used accidentally. Howard suggested they just nwked it alone because every Puerto Rican is so proud of him.

Howard got back to the ''Spider-Man'' discussion. He said he's seeing the movie today and he's hoping to see it like 50 times. He said he's going to go to the hlward like 50 times and then he's going to get the DVD when it comes out and watch that like a mental patient as well. Howard said they have Mark Wahlberg coming in later in the week. Howard's girlfriend Beth will also be in to promote her FHM oj layout. Howard went on to talk about Mark Wahlberg's o Rhea Durham and how hot she is. He said that he saw her out one night and she ended up going to Scores to meet him there. She didn't hang around much and he never got her Caroline foley naked on howard stern. The next thing he knew, Mark Roley was banging her.

Howard said that his girlfriend Beth is all over the paper today. He said that they were out in the Hamptons this weekend and someone followed her ofley and wrote about what she bought at the store she went shopping at. Howard had gone kayaking and when he came back he had to go pick her up in the Hamptons. Howard read the article where they talk about her shopping spree. They said that Howard was waiting in the car for her while she was shopping. They described everything she purchased and Howard thought that was kind of weird.

Robin talked about a weird experience she had out there and Howard had a story of his own about going shopping for food out there one time. This woman was following him around watching the food he was buying and wanted to take a picture of him. It wouldn't Caroline foley naked on howard stern news anywhere else, just in The Stegn. It's kind of creepy and Howard said he's thinking about not going out there anymore. Sfern the two crack heads from the E! Howard spent a short howzrd talking to Eleanor about her crack smoking and how she thinks she got her aCroline across on the show.

Eleanor said she got a letter from Cantor Fitzgerald backing her up and a bunch of other letters from people like that. She wasn't so willing to oj to using crack this morning. She said that maybe she does, maybe she doesn't Carloine that stuff. Eric asked Howard when they're going to be invited out to the Hamtons to visit. Howard didn't even respond. Benjy asked if she was saying that Cantor Fitzgerald heard her on the show and actually wrote her a letter. Eleanor said that she has a letter from them and she would read it if they wanted. Gary came in and said they got a call from Cantor ACroline and a few other organizations who wanted to talk to her about the stuff they talked about when they were foleu the show a while back.

Robin asked them to fax over the letter so they could read it. They're very interested in seeing what they had to say to her. Howard wrapped up after that and went to break. Jim Florentine's Latest Prank Call. That led to him playing the Audio Recap of Yucko's week trying out for the job. Caroline foley naked on howard stern can hear that audio coley on Carolinf. Gary gives a quick run down of what Flley did while he was in there trying out for the job. The guys said that Yucko had a foly week in there. Howard Caroline foley naked on howard stern Caaroline bunch of other things to get to. Nakwd have Jim Florentine JimFlorentine.

Howard played one of his new calls and said he loves those things. Don keeps picking up the phone asking Jim if he's still on the phone every few seconds. The telemarketer never gets out a complete sentence without Howqrd interrupting. Howard and the guys loved the call. Jim is amazing when he jerks those people around. Howard Talks To Simon Rosenberg. Howard said that they found that they have a lot of republicans hkward born again Christians. Howard got him on the line and asked him about what they found. Simon started to tell Howard about what they found but Howard said that he never really got very political in the past but lately he's had to because of what's been going on.

Anked told Simon that he should go to his web site and check out the links to the stories they have there. Howard asked Simon about the born again Christian thing and Simon said that wasn't exactly true. Simon went on to talk about how he has a lot of fans in states that are going to count big in the election and he thinks that he's going to have an effect on the vote. Simon also thinks that Howard has been singled out because of nsked political views. He thanked Howard for fighting for his rights. Foly thanked Simon for backing him and showing that his show can make a difference. Howard said he believes that John Kerry can get the country back on track and straighten out the mess that Bush has made so far.

Howard and Simon talked a little more about that stuff and then Howard wrapped up the naled. He strn Simon for having that poll done and got off the phone with him. KC's Gambling Intervention Discussed. She said she had to hear about that before they got into the other stuff. Howard said that Artie was actually at the intervention and had a lot to say. Howard said that was the week after their trip to Las Vegas. KC came in and said that it was weeks ago that the intervention happened. He said he had been keeping to himself no much and his family wasn't Cagoline with that. His mother and his best friends and brother got together and said something to him.

Gary came in Caroline foley naked on howard stern said that KC had come into some big money but then lost it on gambling. KC Caroline foley naked on howard stern want steen get into too many details about that stuff though. KC said that he was in gambler's anonymous but there were people who sternn calling in with stories about that so he got out. Howard said it's funny that foldy degenerate Artie was in on this intervention. KC then went on to talk about how his brother came in foey his friend Scott Goward who is a filthy comedian. They wanted to go out and talk about some stuff so they took him to a bar.

KC did some drinking with the guys. Artie talked about how he had a lot of money on a game this night and how he wasn't able to watch the game because he was at this intervention for KC. He said he's become good friends with KC Carolne the years and he had to be there for him. KC said he went to the bar and after that they went na,ed to his nkaed where everyone was waiting to fooley to him. All of his friends are Carolne comedians or there's just something wrong with them. His mother was there in the middle Carolien all of them.

Artie got there while KC was out as well so everyone was asking for his advice since he'd been part of ob few of them himself. Artie said he told them that at every intervention he's been to the person looks like they're ready to die. Meanwhile, KC looks like he could be on the cover of a magazine. Artie is more of a mess than KC is. He said he told people that he Caorline try to create confrontation with him and get KC pissed off at him instead of everyone else. Artie said what you usually do is write a letter to the person you're Caroline foley naked on howard stern with but this didn't happen for KC.

Artie felt that they just needed to talk to him about this stuff instead. Artie said he brought up some stuff that he thought might push KC's buttons. KC walked in and said he immediately felt he was lied to and got upset but then realized that all of these people came in from Long Island and other places. He couldn't get upset with them. KC said that a lot of his friends are just goofy scumbags and laughed in one guy's face because he's got no business talking about that stuff. KC said that he knew what he had to do and they didn't need to have all of those people there.

KC wasn't taking any of that stuff seriously so Artie started to get pissed and really started to go off on KC. He didn't want to tell the details on the air though. Artie said that he's never seen anyone as self destructive as KC who stays in shape like that. KC said that Artie was getting in his face and yelling at him but then he'd back off and say that he might not be the best person to confront him on all of this stuff. Two weeks before KC was dragging Artie out on stage to do a comedy gig because he was so drunk. KC is done gambling for now. He said he's done and isn't betting on anything at this point. Howard said that's good. Artie and KC continued to talk about some of the other stuff that went on in this intervention.

KC said that he's not gambling but didn't say anything about his drinking. Gary came in and said that he wants to do another intervention about his tanning. He was kind of red today from being in the tanning booth. KC said that they told him he wouldn't burn but he did. Artie said that he doesn't really gamble. He has so much money that he thinks he can afford to spend the extra money he has now. Robin told him that he'd be in big trouble if he didn't have the job he has now. The show actually keeps him from being destitute. Howard took some phone calls and then told KC that he's smart for going to meetings and stuff about his problems.

KC said it wasn't anything he wasn't going to do without the intervention though so he didn't really need that. He was already trying to get his life together. Howard interrupted and got 18 year old Jillian Grace JillianGrace. Jillian was on the show last week for a Playboy evaluation and the Playboy people are going to fly her out to Chicago to do a test shoot. They're going to take some shots and send them to Hefner and see what happens from there. Howard spoke to her for a few seconds about that and let her go. He said that she wrote a paper in high school about how she wanted to be in the magazine and that led to her mother writing a letter to him about getting her an evaluation.

Howard had to take a commercial break after that. Howard noticed that the girl he had with him to get naked if he wins, is not the same girl the guy said he was going to bring in. Craig said that she pulled out of the contest last night because she's got a boyfriend now. The girl wasn't ready to get naked behind the curtain they had in the studio so Howard was ready to boot them both out. The girl agreed to get naked so Howard decided to let him play. He said he really wanted to see the other chick. Howard also heard that the guy posted a classified ad on a web site yesterday trying to get someone to get naked for him.

Craig said that was true but that didn't work out and this girl he had with him is a friend of the hot chick he was going to bring in. The girl who was there is a plus-size model. She said she's a size 10 but the model card she had said she was a That led to Howard talking about how he doesn't buy into this plus model thing. He was going off on plus size models and that led to the woman not getting naked. She felt that Howard was abusing her and she didn't want to take her clothes off. Howard said he wasn't bad mouthing her. He and the woman argued about the plus size thing and what that's all about.

Howard said that the problem was that Craig didn't bring in the woman he said he was bringing in. The model said that it wasn't her fault though. Howard finally convinced her to get naked behind the shower curtain they have in the studio so they could drop it if Craig loses. Ralph called in and told Howard to throw her out because this is outrageous. Howard said he was kind of looking forward to seeing her naked because she had a cute face. Howard moved on to the game after that. He told everyone to clear their minds and get over their hostilities. Gary pointed out that Craig had very sweaty hands. Craig aid it was just today that he had them and it's not something normal for him.

KC thought the guy was kind of creepy. Howard finally learned the model's name right before they started the game. Her name was Asia. KC asked her what size breasts she had. She told him it was none of his business but Howard read that she had C cups. The guys also saw that Craig was wearing a wrist band. They goofed on that for a minute and then got to the first song. Here are the songs and who got them right: The curtain dropped after that so everyone got to see Asia naked. She didn't look too bad to the guys. They said her boobs were bigger than C-cups and they were nice. She was shaved down completely as well.

Asia was kind of surprised that Craig didn't win. Howard said that Craig looked stunned that he didn't win as well. Gary said he loves to see the woman walk over to the corner to get dressed. Asia said she's still a winner because she's still getting paid for doing this. Howard asked Asia why she doesn't diet and do the regular model thing. She doesn't like the extremely thin look because it's unhealthy. She also thinks she looks good the way she is and doesn't need to do that. Howard told Craig he was looking around for a prize for Craig but he didn't have anything for him.

Craig was still stunned that he didn't win and he'd probably be beating himself up over it. Artie asked him to try not to touch anything on his way out since his hands were sweaty. Howard asked Asia what she's getting from Craig for coming in. Not bad for just getting naked for a short time on national radio. Howard let them go after that. Various News And E-mail. The article also had a quote from Beth about Angie and how she's heard from Howard that Angie was a great person but if she ever sees her, she's going to pop her in the face or something like that. Howard wasn't sure he liked the article because Angie ended up getting pissed when his name was brought up. Artie pointed out that the article was about two really hot women who he's been with so he shouldn't be upset about anything.

Howard and the guys were talking about hot chicks when Howard brought up Carmen Electra who has apparently lost a little weight. He said she looks hotter than ever. He thought about the day he got to take a shower with her out in California one time. He still swears that he didn't have sex with her out there. Howard read some e-mail he's gotten lately. A Navy Recruiter also wrote in and said that he's a republican but he's going to vote for Kerry this coming November. His father is the same way and has never voted for a Democrat but he's going to vote for Kerry. Howard read some mail about some other stuff like Jillian Grace. One guy wrote in and thought that she was a butterface and she's not Playboy material.

Howard and Artie disagree and think she is Playboy quality. A caller told Howard that neither of those two models that were in Page Six never would have even pissed on him if he didn't do what he does for a living. Howard said that doesn't matter because he is who he is and he does what he does. The guy continued to goof on Howard about the way he walks and looks but Howard defended himself by saying ''I'm rubber and you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you The guy said that it allows fisherman to keep fishing without depleting the stock. Howard and Robin were saying that it's ridiculous that there are people who fish as a hobby.

This was all brought up because Tom Chiusano had gone fishing out in Montana and spent 8 hours catching and releasing fish. Howard got a lot of mail about this porn clip that he's been playing since yesterday. He played the clip a few more times and read some mail from someone who was tired of hearing it already. KC said he didn't know the name of the movie but the woman in the clip was Aurora Snow. That's all the information they had on it. Comedian Jim Florentine JimFlorentine. Howard and Robin said that he's great at those prank calls he makes. Jim said that it's tough to do that because he has to get up at 8: Jim told Howard a story about how he worked with actor Jon Favreau for Crank Yankers and the guy ended up walking out in the middle of a prank call they were taping for the show.

Jim said that Favreau broke down and told the woman on the line that it was a prank call and he couldn't do it anymore. He spoiled the whole thing for some reason. Jim said that if Favreau was doing a rape scene in a movie he wouldn't just get up and say he couldn't do it anymore. Howard played one of the Crank Yankers prank calls that Jim did as ''Special Ed'' where he calls a movie theater and asks about the cost of tickets and keeps saying ''Yaaay, I can bring two of my friends! After hearing that Howard said he can't imagine why John Favreau would walk out on the prank call for Crank Yankers.

He gave Jim a plug for his web site and had Robin get back to her news. During the news a guy called in and said that the name of the movie that the gagging clip they've been playing came from is called '' Gag Factor 5. Howard has explained that only the first vote counts even if it looks like you can vote multiple times. A telemarketing manager called in to complain about Jim's prank calls. He told Howard that telemarketing is a very important thing. Howard said that's a bunch of crap and he's been woken up by telemarketers while he's taking naps and stuff. Jim said it's like people coming in and ringing your door bell 20 times a day.

Howard played another one of Jim's '' Terrorizing Telemarketers Vol. Jim keeps asking him the same questions for a couple of minutes until the guy hung up on him. Howard told Jim that he's the man and gave him another plug for his web site. Robin got back to her news after that. During the news the guys got sidetracked a little bit when Howard brought up an invitation he got to do a speech at a college over in Doublin, Ireland. The invitation didn't mention anything about flying him over there so Jim Florentine suggested that they make a prank call to them and ask them to fly him over, get him some hookers and stuff like that.

He thought that would be pretty funny. Robin suggested that people not go see the movie ''Two Brothers'' because it's so devastating. She said that the story is about these two tigers who are either being ripped away from their parents or humans beating them and she was very upset by it. Howard seemed to think she was nuts because it was just a story. She said she has no desire to see something like that though. That was toward the end of the show so Howard wrapped up and ended the show around Richard Christy's ''Night of the Midget'' movie commercial parody, Merideth Brooks performing ''Bitch'' live in the studio. Howard started off the show talking about how he couldn't remember the name of the woman who performed the ''Bitch'' song at the start of the show.

He was reminded that it was Merideth Brooks. He said that she only had one hit and it made him wonder if she made a lot of money from that one hit song. He heard that she got a little carried away with herself after that one hit song. He told a story about how she didn't want to get out of her car to walk to an appearance one time because she thought she'd be mobbed. Meanwhile hardly anyone even knew who she was. Since they were talking about songs, Howard mentioned the Vinnie Favale ''Restless, Restless'' song contest. People are invited to send in their own versions of the song.

Howard played a sample of Vinnie's original version and then Gary came in and said they sent the lyrics out to a few real bands and asked them to try to work with it. Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray tried to work with it but had no luck coming up with anything and basically told them that ''A turd, is a turd, is a turd It kind of worked, at least compared to the original version. Artie thought it was great. Howard seemed to like it a bit. It was about as good as it gets according to Howard. Robin thought it had a lot of problems but that's going to be the case with all of them.

It was actually Kidd Chris who sent in the song but Howard isn't sure that he's eligible to win because he's an Infinity employee. Howard played another entry in the contest which wasn't horrible. The lyrics are the main issue in the whole thing. The people that are sending in entries are pretty talented and are doing some amazing things with what they have to work with. Vinnie thought both the rap version and this version were great. He's going to be going into the studio to create a version that's going to blow everyone away. Vinnie seems to think that the lyrics are great and Robin doesn't know what she's talking about when she says that the song sucks.

Vinnie told everyone how this woman broke up with him at first he said he'd broken up with her years ago and she wanted some time away from him. He started to tell the story but Howard cut him off and played some more entries for the contest. The next couple weren't too bad but Howard said they're not his taste. One was a techno version using a computer generated voice for the lyrics. A listener called in and said that Vinnie seems like he's a great song writer, like Lennon and McCartney. Vinnie was still on the line and thanked the guy for the compliments. Howard continued to play a few more entries after that. Vinnie insists that the lyrics are really strong but Robin doesn't agree with that.

She seems to hate them. One person used Vinnie's voice and cut it into a musical bed so it sounded like he was singing. Howard wrapped up the segment after that and said you can find the lyrics and rules on his web site HowardStern. He also said that it's sponsored by Hemorrelief which led to Vinnie talking about how he's used that and how his wife used to help him out with his hemorrhoids in the past. The voting ends tonight at midnight. He talked about how you can read about all of the entrants in the contest on TrimSpa. Howard said that the front runner has been up front from the start and it's staying that way at this point.

He would not say who that person is but the person is about 6 percent ahead of the second place guy. Third place isn't far behind either. He said it's been eerie watching the votes coming through because it's pretty consistent. Howard didn't vote for the leader but he'd be happy to have that person there if he wins. Robin said she can't wait to hear the results of the contest. Howard took a call from Bobo after that and he said there's a picture of Beth in the NY Post today on page 11 and she's gorgeous. Howard said that FHM has released some photos from her upcoming magazine and that's why they're putting them in the paper.

Howard said it's a really good picture. Artie said he was trying to get to the sports section in the paper but had to turn back and look at Beth's picture. Howard says that Beth's pictures in FHM weren't airbrushed either. The people at the magazine told her that she didn't need any air brushing. Howard talked about the big press conference he has coming up at 8: He still wasn't talking about what it was that he was going to talk about though. He hasn't had the press come up to his studio for years now but he does feel that this is important stuff.

Howard has a few journalists coming up to the station so he can do this press conference. He didn't want to do a huge press conference so he's keeping it between 10 and 20 people. He said he'll make his statement and then do a 20 minute question and answer session after that. Gary said that some people were asking if there are any questions that are off limits at this point. Howard said there's nothing off limits today. He couldn't imagine what would be off limits. He said it came out yesterday and she is smokin' hot.

Another caller said that he thinks that Howard is going to announce that he's getting married. Howard said that he will hear what it's about between 8 and 8: The caller Howard had on the line said he can't wait to find out who wins the ''Get John's Job'' contest. He said he voted for Sal the Stockbroker himself. He also asked Howard to reveal who the top 3 front runners are. Howard said that he's been advised not to do that because it could swing the vote. That led to him talking about how people start on his show as interns and end up sticking around too long.

He said he's had a few people who have come to the show to do a job that should take a year and they end up sticking around for many years. He mentioned Benjy who was a half hour late already today. He went to commercial break right after that. Howard showed Artie a picture of the woman and she looked hot to him as well. Robin said she looks like Christina Applegate. Howard said that's sexy as hell and went on to talk about the story as he knew it. The woman started having sex with the 14 year old and he told his friends about it. That led to another one of his friends driving a car while the 14 year old and his teacher were making out in the back of the car.

Howard said he would have kept his mouth shut if something like that had happened to him when he was that age. He said that he may have told his friend Lew about it so Robin told him that's not ''keeping his mouth shut'' because Lew would have to tell someone else. Fred started playing ''Hot for Teacher'' in the background as Howard was talking about the story. Howard started to sing the song while it was playing as well. He said that he's been able to keep his mouth shut about some of the women he's had since his divorce. There are a couple of women he knows haven't told anyone else about what they did. Robin doesn't believe that and thinks that those two women have told other people.

Gary heard that one of those people squealed and he knows who one of them is. He wrote down the name and Howard said he had alluded to having done something with that woman so it was kind of known already. He insisted that there are two women he's been with who no one knows about because they've kept their mouths shut. Benjy asked if the names are instantly recognizable. Howard said that they really aren't but people would know who they are. Benjy asked if they have been on the show or not. Howard thought about it and Robin told him he was going to give it away just like he said he wouldn't. Gary then asked if anything ever went on in his office there at the station.

Howard said nothing went on and it was just lunch with the woman he was thinking about. Howard got back to the hot teacher story and how the 14 year old described the tattoos the teacher had on her back and how the kid was describing her legs. He said it really sounded hot. The teacher was also newly married so the poor husband had to go through all of this stuff. Van Halen's ''Hot for Teacher'' was still playing so that led to Howard talking about how Eddie Van Halen's son is even more relaxed and smoother than his father. He said he spoke to Eddie the other day and talked to him about his son.

His son is even better at playing drums according to Eddie. Spider-Man 2 Reviews And More. He said that Tobey Maguire may call in today to talk about the movie. Robin loved the special effects in the movie. A listener called in and said that there were some things about the movie that he didn't like. He said that the movie was good but there were some things about how his identity was given up to people that it was never given up to in the comic books. Howard didn't want to spoil the movie for people so he just wanted to bail out on the discussion.

The caller also told Howard how much he's enjoyed the show for years and how he will really miss him when he goes off the air. Howard took a call from the taped Artie Lange that has called in before. He had a conversation with the tapes of Artie when he called into the show really drunk during the Las Vegas shows. Artie even asked himself a couple of questions about whether or not he's going to stop drinking. Of course the taped Artie said ''No'' when asked if he'll quit drinking. The taped Artie was talking about his clothing that he brought with him to Las Vegas.

That led to Howard talking about how Artie only brought one outfit out there and didn't have all that much stuff with him. It was just a gym bag. Ralph had taken some pictures out there but they still haven't posted them on the web site yet. He said that the kid describes the way the woman shaves her private parts. Howard bailed out on the Artie tape guy Howard talked to Artie about the balls he had going to KC's intervention which they talked about yesterday. The guys were also talking about how Jim Florentine was willing to call in to the intervention if they needed him.

Jim is a 40 year old guy making phony phone calls and going into airports farting around families. KC came in and told Howard about some of the other stuff that went on at his intervention. Gary also said that there were a few people who weren't invited to the intervention who thought they should be there. Gary was supposed to be invited but the group thought that Artie would be a better choice because he's a friend, not a boss. Artie talked about some of the stuff that went on when people had an intervention with him. They actually had cops bring him down to his intervention.

He ended up getting chased by cops that day and they had to drag him down to the set of the TV show he was working on at the time, MAD TV. Howard let him talk about that for a minute but he had to go to break after that. He said that any one of the 10 guys would be good on the show if they won. Howard played the gagging clip of Aurora Snow in the movie '' Gag Factor 5 '' that he's been playing lately. Howard said they got the clip from a blind guy who said it was the best porn movie he'd heard. Howard has been thinking about the press conference he's holding and how he was wondering if the news is really big enough to have all of these people down there.

His agent told him that it is big news and it is worth having them down there. Howard had some other clips to play and phone calls to take after that. A listener asked Artie what happened with the sitcom he had in the works. Artie said nothing happened and nothing is going on with it at this point. Howard told the caller that there are deals like that which fall through all the time out in Hollywood. He said that's why he tells guys not to rush when developing a show. The caller asked Howard if he'd ever put Artie in a show.

Howard said Artie doesn't come to him with that stuff but Howard would like to work with him on something. The caller on the line had some shows of his own to pitch to Howard but Howard was just goofing on the whole idea. The guy kept going with his pitch but Howard was just goofing on him. Howard bailed out on the call a short time later. A listener called in and asked Howard if he was finally getting rid of Robin, who he called an ''annoying, f'n, bitch, ape. The caller went off on Robin for a short time and complained about how she interrupts interviews that he watches on E!.

Howard told the guy to tune in during the 8 o'clock hour to hear what the press conference was all about. Howard read that they had someone from Larry King's show coming to this press conference today. That was surprising to him for some reason because he didn't know that Larry had people to send out. A listener called in and said he thinks that Howard is going to announce that Howard is going to be John Kerry's running mate. Howard told the guy that Kerry might be interested in his announcement but it didn't sound like he was going to be his running mate. Howard had some audio clips to play after that.

Clay Aiken was on Jimmy Kimmel's show talking about how he has a friend moving in with him. Howard found that kind of interesting. Artie just laughed when he heard that. Howard wondered why someone like that would have his ''best friend'' move in with him. Robin said that there are a lot of people who do that out in Hollywood for some reason. She was awful but the guy directing her kept telling her she was great. Howard said he could do voices better than Julie Chen can. He wonders why no one hires him to do that crap. The news report was about her web site and Star's upcoming wedding.

All of the guys goofed on her for a couple of minutes. Howard wondered if Star is even a female at one point. Howard had to prepare for the upcoming press conference. A listener called in and asked if they will play that press conference on E! Robin Radzinski came in and said if they get some of the reporters naked, they may show it on the E! Howard got back to the audio clips he had. Howard was mentioned on the Pyramid game show. He was one of the subject that was under the category of ''Things we hear but tune out. She's a republican and she voted for Bush but she wasn't proud of that fact. The woman then asked Artie to get her into the comedy show she's doing tonight.

The show is sold out so he couldn't really do it. Howard tried to help out and asked her what she looked like. She said she's 5'8'' tall and weighs pounds. She also said that she looks like Minnie Driver Howard hung up on her shortly after that. He told her there were no tickets available. Howard played a new Onion Radio News bit where they talk about the Pope blessing anything you put in front of his face these days. After that Howard had to take another commercial break. He has a ton of these people down to the studio and they have no food or other refreshments for them. Howard said that maybe Tom Chiusano was left out of the loop on the whole thing and didn't set anything up for them.

Howard said he's read stories about guys who don't have food and stuff for the press and they get really pissed about that. Every press conference has food except there. Howard wanted to explain to the press that he was not responsible for what happened with the food. He will take the fall for that though because he was the one who invited everyone down. Howard was interrupted when someone wrote on his computer that he might want to put his sunglasses on. He also gets messages from Tom telling him to take a commercial break sometimes. Howard said he hates wearing his sunglasses because they're not bifocals and he can't read. They're curved so they can't create bifocals. Howard said he doesn't really need bifocals, he can read up close just fine.

He needs glasses that have a section that's clear but he can't do that with the sunglasses. Howard got back to that school teacher who banged the 14 year old and how she wasn't even married a year before she was banging the kid. Howard said they should send the woman's husband a prize for having to put up with that. Howard said he's kind of fast when it comes to that stuff as well but he's able to last pretty long with Beth. He talked about how he's able to satisfy her and he can last so that's why their relationship works out. Howard thought he read that Ian would use rubber bands on himself to make his sex last longer as well.

Ian said that wasn't true though. Howard asked Ian about his PHD in sexology. Ian got it at some school down in Florida. Howard wondered how you get something like that. They didn't spend much time on that stuff because Howard has so many problems with the FCC that he was going to cut it short. Howard said this guy was so bad that just petting a girl would set him off and he'd finish. Howard said that never happened to him Ian has all kinds of suggestions for what guys can do to make themselves last longer. One of the things he tried when he was trying to make himself last longer was putting cocaine on his penis. That didn't work for him. Howard said there was a lot of more graphic stuff in the book but he can't bring that stuff up on the air because of the FCC.

Artie was bragging that he does oral on chicks so well that one woman once told him that he was ''stunning. The delay ended up getting hit at least one time during that discussion. Howard wrapped up the interview a short time later. Then Howard said that on Friday goward going to be revealing their new bulletin board over at HowardStern. Tonight Howard and the rest of the crew are going to learn how to use the bulletin board so they can in fans questions while they're on vacation. Artie knew nothing about howardd and Carolinr has a gig tonight so he can't get in on it.

Howard went on to explain to the guys how they'll be able to answer the stuff if they want to but they don't have to. He said they'll be able to go on the site whenever they want to read the questions nakked are there. Nakwd came howsrd during that discussion and told Howard that nzked don't want to keep the press waiting so they have to take a break and get to the press conference pretty quick. He said they have a lot of the upper management from the company anked and Howard's agent as well. Howard quickly went to break so they could get to that next. He talked about how he always gets bad mouthed when he's written about in the news and nqked on TV.

He said they never call President Bush a ''former drunk'' so he'd like a Carpline respect as well. Howard went on to tell the group some folsy about his show. He has been doing his show for about 25 years and there has been a lot of controversy over those years. He stopped there and apologized to everyone for not having food there for the press. Then he got back to the controversy thing and how Janet Jackson's breast seems to be casing a lot of trouble. He said he doesn't think it has any effect on kids at all but everyone is blowing it out of proportion. After that the Government had to act and everyone freaked out, especially the FCC. Howard talked about Michael Powell and what they've been doing with billions of dollars in taxes that were supposed to be spent on computers for kids.

He talked about that and then how all of these new fines are coming down on his show but nothing is being fined as far as the Janet Jackson thing. Howard was kicked off of six Clear Channel radio stations a few months ago and he believes that it was all politically based. He went on the air after the Janet Jackson thing and criticized President Bush and the war and that's when Clear Channel gave him the boot. Once Clear Channel did that it had a chilling effect because he believes he was kicked off the air because of his political views. He said that it's a joke and a smoke screen saying that this is all about sex.

Howard has been getting very frustrated with what's been going on and he's threatened to resign a few times. He said that his own company doesn't know which way to turn because the FCC is going back 3 years finding shows to fine him over. Then there's this new indecency bill that is going to make it possible to fine individuals hundreds of thousands of dollars. Howard has had satellite radio companies come to him and say that they want him. He would be allowed much more freedom on satellite which doesn't mean he'd be using the F-word all the time, he'd just be able to talk the way he wants. He still has 18 months left on his contract with Infinity so he doesn't know what the future will be with satellite.

Howard has been backed up by many people in his company and they believe that he's not doing anything indecent or obscene. He's heard from a lot of people in the company about their support and now they're showing it. Howard is going back on in the markets he was taken off in by Clear Channel and he's adding nine new stations to his affiliates. Howard is not going to satellite at this point but it is possible when the FCC starts handing out personal fines when the new indecency bill passes. Then he's adding new markets in Houston, Austin, Tampa and Fresno!

Howard said he's not going to just sit back and take it while he's getting fined. He said that his show is having an effect on the election and this is going to help him spread the word around the country. Howard took some questions after that. Howard talked about how Kerry's views on a lot of things are better than Bush's in his opinion. He was referring to the Las Vegas station and how they were cutting out the N-word out there yesterday. Howard talked about how they have people all around the country second guessing what they have to censor out. This is because the FCC does not have any defined rules about what is indecent or obscene so they don't know exactly what to cut out.

Howard said there is no double standard because no one knows what the standard is. He couldn't even answer his question because it's so confusing. Someone from Pittsburgh called in and said that this press conference is on out there. Howard said the press conference is on but the stations will not pick up the show until after their vacation. Howard took another question from the press. One guy asked if this effects his contract which is up in 18 months. Howard said it does not do anything to that and his contract still ends in 18 months. The guy asked him about how all of this censorship is getting to him.

Howard went on to talk about the N-word being censored out of his show yesterday when he was playing clips from a Trio TV show where they talked about the history of the N-word. Howard went on to talk about what a crackpot Michael Powell is and how he has no business telling people what belongs on the air or not. A woman from Reuters asked Howard if he's heard from Michael Powell on all of this stuff. Howard has put the offer out to talk to the guy on his ABC special but the guy is chicken and won't come on with him. He said it's comical what's going on with that guy.

The woman also asked Howard what would drive him to satellite radio. Howard said that he'll consider it in 18 months when his radio contract is up. He has a lot of things to think about before that happens though. He may just leave the radio business all together depending on what's going on at that point. Howard talked about companies polluting water and the environment not getting fined and politicians and people in the government don't get fined for not doing their jobs don't get fined but he gets fined for just talking.

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