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Due to the privacy attached to undergarments, most people use panty pegs, which they place in either their bedrooms or bathrooms to let them dry.

Knickers shower underwear undies lingerie pantys pantie Bath

But there is a downside to this. Denis Anguyo, a doctor with St. Augustine Clinic in Kansanga, throws more light on this. Such breed in moist places and this can affect the person wearing the undergarment. Besides, a person can pick up foul odor. Anguyo says the ultra-violet rays of the sun have disinfecting properties that help to sterilize the garments and leave them moisture-free — all which cannot happen if these clothes are hang behind closed doors. It is the moisture got while they are left indoors that enhances the growth of bacteria and fungi.

How to care for undergarments Anguyo explains that for those udnerwear are totally not comfortable with hanging them outside, they should at least iron the middle part after drying. He offers more ways on how to care for undergarments. When left outside to dry, the time should be limited and not too long to cause crumpling. To avoid staining, undergarments should not be washed while bathing or anytime when rushing. Undergarments should be soaked in detergent for about 20 minutes before washing them. This eases the washing process and removes attains.

A study specifically associated douching with increased BV. Daily bathing slightly increased the chance of BV. BV was not associated with underwear material, pads, or tampons. Wash your underwear in hypoallergenic soap All types of underwear should be handled panttie gently then the rest of your wardrobe, not just your underweag lacy, stringy thongs. Sick roommate or family? Wash underwear separately from clothes that have been contaminated with other bodily fluids. Concerned about the washing machine?

Consider replacing your underwear every year Sounds a bit excessive, especially for something that gets washed so regularly. But according to the Good Housekeeping Instituteeven clean underwear can contain up to 10, living bacteria. But if you do experience BV or other symptoms frequently, experts say you may want to replace your underwear every year. The best way to wash your underwear Share on Pinterest Here are some washing recommendations: After washing, tumble dry on low heat for 30 minutes: This is especially important for people who do laundry less frequently. Do a separate wash to keep the bacteria levels lower and avoid cross contamination.

Undergarments should be covered in detergent for about Batn times before washing them. In eleventh, more often than the united clothing. Its is a job as a giant 'dirty' as it can get.

Wash underwear separately from clothes with other bodily fluids: In hospital settings, wash clothes that have been cross-contaminated with vomit, blood, urine, etc. Do the same with your underwear, especially if you have family members who work in a hospital. If there are other fluids, focus on getting the blood or vomit out of the clothes and keeping them away from garments that you wear up against your private parts. The style of underwear can affect your mood Share on Pinterest Even though it goes unseen for the most partunderwear can actually play a major part in how you feel.

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