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Why Having Sex with a New Partner Can Mess with Your Vagina In More Ways Than One

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This imbalance may then lead to a host of side effects such as a change in pH, odors, bacterial vaginosis a. BV, a super common infectionurinary tract infections, yeast infections, burning, and itching. Lactobacilli keep the vaginal pH low, and this low vaginal pH then helps maintain normal levels of lactobacilli by keeping the microbiome in check. Your vag is basically a happy, little self-sustaining ecosystem. Maintaining this balanced ecosystem is what keeps new, outside organisms from growing out of control. Yep, it's that powerful. Unprotected sex with a new partner, however, can throw off your vaginal pH, which can disrupt your vag's germ-fighting powers and lead to a growth of foreign bacteria.

This isn't just a P-in-the-V issue, either: If you're having sex with a new female partner, their vaginal bacteria can throw off your microbiome, too. This bacterial infection can cause itching and burning, as well as smelly penile discharge. This bacterial infection can cause burning when you urinate, testicle swelling, and white, green, or yellow penile discharge. This refers to inflammation of the prostate gland. Symptoms include pain when urinating, cloudy or bloody urine, pain during ejaculation, or having to urinate more often than usual.

This solution is mixed before use and can be conserved for 24h after preparation.

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The procedure consists of mixing 0. This mixture is shaken for 2 min. It is then left for min at room temperature and mixed again by shaking. The mixture is now transferred onto a haemocytometer chamber for leukocytes and the number of peroxidase-positive cells which stain brown is counted. Peroxidase-negative cells remain unstained and are counted in the haemocytometer chamber. The differentiation of round cells into either peroxidase-positive polymorphonuclear granulocytes or peroxidase-negative spermatogenic cells or lymphocytes is of clinical relevance. The presence of an excessive number of peroxidase-negative mostly spermatogenic cells suggests pathology at the level of the seminiferous epithelium with inadequate spermatogenesis and premature release of spermatids spermatocytes or, rarely, spermatogonia.

The pathological meaning of the presence of an elevated number of WBC is still a matter of dispute. Some reports have demonstrated that leukocytospermia appears to be of no diagnostic value to identify men with actual microbial infections Also, measurement of seminal leukocytes in routine semen analysis appears to be of little prognostic value with regard to male fertilizing potential Others hold the view that the presence of an elevated number of WBC may be associated with infection or inflammation of the accessory glands 6 and that the unfavorable effect on spermatozoa of hydrogen peroxide secreted by peroxidase-positive WBC has clearly been proven 6.

A comprehensive approach that considers other clinical and laboratory findings seems to be more reliable in detecting male accessory gland infection 4. Agglutination Agglutination of spermatozoa means that motile spermatozoa stick to each other, head to head, midpiece to midpiece, tail to tail, or mixed, e. The adherence of either immotile or motile spermatozoa to mucus threads, to cells other than spermatozoa, or to debris is not considered agglutination and should not be recorded as such 6, 24, The presence of agglutination is suggestive of, but not sufficient evidence to prove the existence of an immunological factor of fertility 6, 24, The extent of agglutination may be important but even the presence of only a few groups of small numbers of agglutinated spermatozoa should be recorded.

In case of agglutination, sperm culture must be performed in order to exclude infection with e. Sperm agglutination could be used also as indication for antisperm antibody testing of infertile men 6, Further microscopic examination Sperm viability Vital staining of the spermatozoa allows quantification of the fraction of living cells independently of their motility 4. Live and dead sperm are distinguished by adding one drop of eosin y stain to one drop of semen at room temperature one to two minutes and smearing the mixture on a microscopic slide This staining technique makes it possible to differentiate spermatozoa that are immotile but alive from those that are dead Reduced percentage of motility with a high percentage of viable sperm may reflect structural or metabolic abnormalities of sperm that are derived from abnormalities in testicular function or antimotility factors in the seminal plasma This technique also provides a check on the accuracy of the motility evaluation, since the percentage of dead cells should not exceed the percentage of immotile spermatozoa Hypo-osmotic swelling HOS test The hypo-osmotic swelling HOS test measures sperm membrane integrity by examining its ability to swell when exposed to hypo-osmotic media, and has been claimed to be relevant to fertilizing ability 4.

The rationale of the test is based on the assumption that an undamaged sperm tail membrane permits passage of fluid into the cytoplasmic space causing swelling and the pressure generated leads to curling of tail fibers, while the damaged or chemically inactive membrane allows fluid to pass across the membrane without any accumulation and accordingly no cytoplasmic swelling and curling of the tail occur. The HOS test should not be used as a sperm function test but may be used as an optional, additional vitality test It is simple to perform and easy to score and gives additional information on the integrity and the compliance of the cell membrane of the sperm tail Counting the spermatozoa The concentration of spermatozoa should be determined using the haemocytometer method In this procedure a 1: The stain needs not to be included if a phase-contrast microscopy is used.

This could impair your chances at conception, and be a sign of a blockage of your seminal vesicles. If your semen has a pH above 8 basicthis can impair you sperm motility and be a sign of an infection. Here are a few tips to get a healthier pH: It can be hard to get all of the nutrients you need for healthy sperm. The effects of pH on sperm movement in birds, fish and shellfish have been investigated.

For instance, apter percentage of motile sperm and sperm velocity were increased at alkaline pH in Turkey and quail [ altfr ]. However, the studies of human semen pH often focus on clinical cases. It has been reported that semen pH is lower than 7. Another study which divided its cohort into normal spermatozoa motility and hypomotility male observed no significant difference in seminal plasma pH between the two groups [ 12 ].

You might find variations in this site, also after you have sex. Our expectations showed that these groups were similar in pH 7.

Based on these reports, we used sperm of healthy donors and explored the effect of different pH on the motility and viability of human sperm. Altre note that the Symbol font on pages 4, 7, 8, 9, and 13 cannot be typeset and will not render correctly in the published manuscript. Please remove all Symbol font from your manuscript. A demonstrable increase in internal pH was shown to stimulate boar [ 21 ] and chicken [ 22 ] sperm motility. In this study, we try to explore the effects of changing pH of semen, whether it causes the change of sperm motility and intracellular pH, and whether this change is related to the Na pump function.

Some clinical case reports indicate that the semen pH of asthenospermia male may have changed [ 1125 ].

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