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But here are the ones that really made me laugh: We got to see MJ's legendary competitive streak in action. In this article Porn star sasha simmions he mentioned: Back to the story. While these quotes may seem: I agree with him on Erin Andrews though - not only is she the hottest sideline reporter, she is the best, and actually knows something about basketball or can fake it convincingly. And MJ kept getting louder and louder, and he and Oakley were cleaning up, and we're all watching them while pretending not to watch, and then suddenly Not even three years ago, back when Britney was still cute and people were excited about Zach Braff's movie career, two of my three favorite teams captured titles within a week span.

I know the Colts will stack the line and force Grossman to beat them, but teams have been doing that against the Bears all season -- they always seem to make two or three big plays. That lasted one day, since he's probably gotten about 10, e-mails making fun of his football picks and how he can't make jokes about the Manning Face anymore. As far as I can tell, the main sticking point is that we think wine turning to blood is icky, we don't like the idea of "having" to confess our sins to the priesthood, and revering saints seems a bit like idol worship to us.

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Thank God they didn't have HDTV or the Internet back easha -- somebody would have started a blog trying to figure out how many players weren't circumcised. It's been said a kajillion times, but how can anyone be sold on this Colts defense? Did anyone under 45 vote for these awards? Ailing Factuary Just your average guy getting derailed by his wife.

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