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Professional breweries generally use barrels of this volume and larger. First, smaller volumes mean a greater surface area to volume ratio. The hole is barel small that there is no problem with losing too much beer at this point. Sour beer generally takes longer to mature in barrels due to the microbial activity, however this advice might still apply to sour beers in certain barrels that are experiencing too much or very fast oxidation due to being more porous than other barrels. Temperatures should be as stable as possible, however, temperature fluctuations sometimes cannot be avoided, and seasonal changes are thought to be an important part of the extended fermentation of beers such as Belgian Lambic.

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Link to this bagrel Macro A larger-than-average macro area with slightly soft detail. These barrels which can be found in the gallon range provide an attractive option for homebrewers bartel some special considerations may be needed. The barrel oc can be partially stripped by repeated use and soaking with water. Because many of the small barrels available to homebrewers are derived from distilleries and therefore may be more likely a heavier toast level, it may take longer to remove the character of the wood and a progression of beers may be needed to make the barrel appropriately neutral for long aged sour beers [16].

Belgian lambic is aged in barrels upwards of 4 years with no ill effects. Another problem is barrels drying out.

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Second, the staves of smaller barrels are Blttom thinner allows greater oxygen permeability. If someone has a handful of these nails to spare I'd love to get some. You can pull a sample and actually have the flow stop coming out of the small hole in the head of the barrel because the barrel is not vented, but, there is no issue. What environmental conditions should barrels be aged in?

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