The flame gay bar

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Duluth's first gay bar opens downtown

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A lot has ran in Duluth. And I separate having the Flame Current helps that connecting. It's by the Skywalk.

Some visitors to the club stop in their tracks and flam, 'Wow, this is like what you find in the Twin Cities,' " Gah said. Customers have been supportive, and so have nearby businesses. Combined, they've had 40 years' experience. They found possible sites for lease. Pride and American flags are displayed. Word is getting out about the upscale new club open daily from 3 p. The downstairs storefront spaces were -- and still are -- leased by Three Irish Girls, a specialty yarn business, and Duluth Kettlebell Gym. It's by the Skywalk. Moreover, the previous owner had made considerable improvements, including replacing the roof, putting in new windows and doors and new exterior brick.

Flame bar The gay

flqme Each floor is 6, square feet. And I think having the Flame Nightclub helps that process. When they expanded their search to buildings on the downtown avenues, they found more buildings for sale.

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