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His body was becoming hers, and she relished her exploration of it. She could have him tsories she wanted him, and stoties she did she found he wanted her more. Stoties skin tingled awake as Eamon shifted down to suckle her small erect nipples. The sensation was electric, and pulsed through her beating his hands to her groin. Eamon looked up into her eyes and smiled. His tongue teased her briefly. Tickling her clitoris first, and then stroking it. His hands push her thighs against the mattress on either side of her torso, forcing her apart and open for his mouth.

Years of gymnastics had made her body able to accept this. The stretch of her muscles, while mildly painful initially, added to the intense satisfaction she felt as the other arousal grew. Then he caressed the swelling hood over her clitoris, taking care to avoid the engorged bud that was pushing out from under it. Sheila shuddered with the tease and almost painful promise that he would kiss and suckle there.

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He teased her like that for a while, and then pushed his tongue into her vagina. Sheila whimpered with the new sensation. Eamon worked his tongue, fucking her with it, stopping now and then to push her legs harder into the mattress, and to withdraw and swallow her essence. And the stroking began again. Now as he teased the hood over her fully erect clitoris, he closed his lips over it, and with his lips and his tongue he suckled. Her hips undulated beneath her husbands face. The strokes of his tongue became firmer and longer and faster. Her breath was coming in short gasps and Eamon could feel the tension build in her muscles. He stretched her legs down harder into the mattress, stroked deep into her vagina, then suckled her clitoris, and stroked her juices around and over it.

Eamon smiled and moaned himself, as he moved quickly and pushed himself into the opening where his tongue had just been.

Stories wife Spank my

The fit was perfect. The stretch and fullness Sheila Spank my wife stories was exquisite. As he filled her to the hilt, his pelvis ground against hers in gentle rolling circles. This renewed the spasms of her orgasm, and Sheila cried out softly as she felt herself come again. Her muscles milked Eamon as he ground against her, and then as her spasms began to ease, Eamon began to pump his hips. Short strokes initially, and then long slow and deep strokes. Both of them made Spank my wife stories sounds that spoke of the bliss they shared together. Both of them became lost in the reverie of what they shared, desperate for it to last forever and desperate for the climax that was inevitable.

The gentle pumping slowly became more intense. Locked together their lovemaking took on urgency. Her breath came in rapid soft gasps. She thought she might smother it was so intense. Her teeth clenched as her spasms wrenched. The groan that came from him with his last brutal thrusts made both of them tremble. But on this day, Ned stood his ground, bracing himself for the full impact of the upcoming onslaught of words. I'm merely saying that I, as your husband, will take proper responsibility for you, keeping you safe and controlling you in a way your father apparently never did. And his voice encapsulated the pain of nails on a chalkboard and the cheerfulness that his voice could have on a warm day during a picnic in the park.

This wasn't like the Ned she knew. The Ned she knew, although strong and fearless, acquiesced to her and was little more than putty in her hands. The Ned she knew would Spank my wife stories propose something as preposterous as… as… a spanking. It would be disgraceful and demeaning and chauvinistic. Apparently Nancy's mind was more vocal than usual, as Ned chuckled, alerting her to the fact that she had inadvertently spoken every one of her thoughts. Ned's demeanor as he spoke to her this time was gentle, as though he was explaining a complex idea to a small child. Every child — I suppose with the exception of you — was put over a parent's knee at some point and given a good thrashing.

The only difference is that you'll be getting your experience a bit later in life. And it's not demeaning, either. It'll be a valuable learning experience for you. As for it being chauvinistic, your father should have spanked a boy — long, hard and frequently — if a boy pulled the same stunts you did. Teeth chattering, she began to resemble the child that Ned seemingly reassured when talking, rather than the strong-willed and determined woman others normally saw. Your hands are really strong. Don't worry, you won't be injured, although I must tell you now, my hands will be the least of your concerns. But let's deal with this in the morning — provided you won't sneak off before then again.

Right now, let's get you out of these wet clothes, into a nice warm bed. As Ned led Nancy up into their bedroom, she was soothed by the comforting murmurs in her ear and the warm hands that stripped off all of her clothing, leaving her stark naked, and wrung out her hair. Ned stripped off his own clothes, leaving only his boxer shorts on, before wrapping her in his large, strong arms and cradling her against his lean, muscular chest. Just before she closed her eyes and fell into a dreamless, yet tumultuous, sleep, Nancy felt Ned's hands graze over her ass, squeezing slightly before resting on her lower back.

She chastised her stupidity and shivered inwardly. Her last thoughts were of what awaited her in the morning and the lingering question on her mind: A sun-filled bedroom greeted Nancy when she awoke. The drapes had been thrown open, and she turned over to see that the clock read Noting that she was naked underneath the wrinkled blue sheets — the mystery had taken over her mind for the past week and she hadn't gotten around to changing the sheets or doing any laundry — Nancy smiled, thinking of the fun that she and her husband must have had the previous night. His wife approached and removed his trousers, then his boxers, to expose one of the thickest cocks I had ever seen.

I felt my pussy getting wet at the sight of his massive shaft. I pushed my miniskirt higher and spread my legs wider. I wanted to masturbate just from watching my boss fuck his wife. After a while my boss flipped her onto her back on his desk and inserted his dick deep inside her pussy. She moaned and scratched his back. As he fucked his wife I was busy fingering my soaking wet pussy and it felt nice. One hand was on my breast while the other was busy stroking my clit. I wanted to cum all over my pants but it would be too soon, so I started fingering my pussy and sucking my sweet juices off my fingers.

I felt like a dirty slut, and I guess that was what I was, a dirty whore. As I exploded in a wild orgasm, my head bumped the door and it flung wide open. My eyes met with my bosses and in a split second my face was filled with embarrassment because my fingers were still buried deep in my pussy. I quickly stood up closed the door and rushed to the washroom. All sorts of negative thoughts were running through my head as I freshened up. I knew my two-year career was over and that what I had done was a complete invasion of privacy. Time was up because on Saturday our office closes at noon, so I picked up my handbag and snuck out of the building. I woke up early on Monday and got to the office very early before everyone else arrived.

I wanted my apology to be the first thing my boss heard before we started the new week. An hour passed without hearing any word from my boss and I felt bad. Just as I contemplated going into his office, my office phone rang and it was him.

When she knows that she no longer has the power to destroy the marriage, she relaxes and becomes a being that is peace-filled and stable. He holds the reins and this allows her to rest in his love. If she Spani, or does something that could be damaging to the marriage, he will hold her accountable. There will be restitution and resolution through her submission. It gives her a feeling of wie. It is an unbelievable feeling when the man you love will take you over his knee to clean the slate, save you from yourself and ultimately protect the marriage. They are the protector and provider and defender by nature.

Dominance isn't about power but about love. It can be difficult to punish the woman you love, especially when you know that spanking her bottom brings physical pain. It takes great strength to be the dominant male. In taking the woman he loves over his knee and helping her to shape her behavior, he gains the security of knowing her love is so deep and her trust in him so mighty that she will submit her body to him. One body, one flesh. When he disciplines her, he shapes the marriage as well, forcing turmoil away and opening the doorway for peace in their home and their hearts. He gains the security of her love.

In additional, fewer DD couples engage in extra-marital affairs than other couples. They also fight less about money and statistically engage in sexual activity more Spanj. Bringing the stoies of submission and dominance into your marriage is relationship altering and the equivalent of marital salvation. It brings the male-female nature into harmony. DD is not about beating your wife into submission. It is about finding a pathway toward submission together. It is not about power but about offering each other an exchange of unconditional love. It is a love that no matter the infraction, it can prevail.

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