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It's a lot evident than any of your life sex teeach sites you may have attracted on the curtain. If you are simply getting in bed nothing else more matters.

For beginners I'd suggest sexx them many times and going back to them, as you may miss out details when you are in the moment with sex. Shawna and Jessica do these demonstrations - girl on girl sex. Using a strap on dildo to mimic the movements of a girl. Remember though that they are only demos.

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They will be useful for the beginner but they are also mechanical because it's a teaching segment - "do this, then transition to that, then move etach hand to position x, etc". Very sound moves but remember over time to do your sx thing and be spontaneous. Instructions are given Tdo by step with Bobby Bradshaw talking through what the girls are doing and the benefits. It's very instructional given that it is visual and you are walked through each part of the position and they also discuss when during sex making it is most appropriate given that some positions are less practical for long durations.

It's a lot better than any of your traditional sex demonstration videos you may have seen on the market. On DVD 4 you get introduced in a seminar with Bobby Bradshaw and Jessica into psychological techniques and you are explained the concept that good sex is 'psychological', especially for women. An very important point. The techniques are based on the system P.

Sex teach Two girls

The easy things you can do to improve your sex life, so you benefit from the simplification Bobby Bradshaw has brought to the system. The best aspect of this seminar is the fact that Bobby makes a point of always bringing the topics down to a practical level. No matter your sexual experience, Bobby's attention to the details will ensure you understand and can implement this material. It is basically the same material you've seen in all the DVDs, but there for you to read if you prefer that format. It's probably most useful as a reference tool to go back to to remind yourself of points so you don't have to go back to watching the DVDs each time.

There is an interview with her and then a demo with Shawna Lenee stimulating her.

This DVD is the least useful in the package. Unlike Tori Black she seems to lack a good understanding of other women to be able to overcome this fact in her training. Squirting can be achieved with virtually all women based on my experience, but it DOES require specific techniques, and sometimes 'awakening her squirting ability' which takes a bit longer. The techniques required are a lot more than is shown here, and there are several training programs that teach it properly. The best is " Squirting Orgasm Mastery ", also by 2 Girls Teach Sex, and led by Marcus London - a porn star who made a name for himself giving women squirting orgasms.

Having said this, Bobby Bradshaw makes some important points in this video and positions it well - "you shouldn't get Two girls teach sex up about having to get a girl to squirt". Squirting is a nice to have and something which is very rare for girls to have experienced and not all girls enjoy. Shawna herself says in this video that she has never had a squirting orgasm - and she's a porn star! So watch this DVD for optional entertainment factor and consider squirting an extra tool in your toolbox, but don't obsess over it or make this your priority - especially if you have yet to master the basics.

They told us in January that they have a team of 7 people working on customer service and their refund rate is about 4. For reference that's a respectable low return rate, so obviously most customers are happy with their purchase. This included adding new parts, and taking out others. This has improved the program considerably, however one side effect is that the ordering of the DVDs could be a little confusing for some people. An example is that in the first DVD the P. It's not a big issue. If you find it a little confusing when you get started, try watching it in this order, that way you'll learn each part before it is mentioned: A Word on the Porn Star Demographic Some of the girl porn stars give you advice on what girls like, how important sex is to women etc.

A lot of what they say is true - it is out of most men's comfort zones to think that sex is so important for girls, but it can be. However… keep in mind that these girls are porn stars and from a very specific biased demographic with respect to attitudes towards sex. If you are really good in bed nothing else really matters.

Vince Lin The Video Review: After all, we do have the great Sex God on our team hirls well as the masters of seduction. Aside from gigls and gidls, some might argue that PUAs get the most sex in the male population. One of the things they did really well was to find a good moderator. This tech the mood for the girls Twwo give real feedback and you can tell they have been well conditioned to make guys like them with their little mannerisms as pornstars. Pubic Hair, dealing with her insecurities, how to give oral correctly to get an orgasm.

The secret of pineapple juice. Instructional videos for oral sex is pretty damn amazing! We all had to learn it. We are always progressing and always learning. No one was good having sex their first time either. Keni does a male-female demonstration, he actually pauses for commentary. Very good control Blue: During sex, she wants to know how much you want her. Relaxed environment Pre-lay relaxation mode in PUA lingo sets the mood for orgasms. It was uncanny how pornstars are saying exactly the same thing we have been teaching, but with more natural vocabulary. They were real orgasms. I thought the seminars were quite well done. Inside the module looks like this.

Some clips of the girls and how they conduct the seminars:

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