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Game ideas for relay games

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Provide each relay team with a roll of toilet paper of the same size. The instructions below are written for 5-member teams, but they easily can be adapted for larger or smaller teams. One member of each team Teen relay as the "mummy. The second student grabs the toilet paper and wraps one leg of the "mummy" in toilet paper. When the wrapping is complete, the student passes the toilet paper to the next student in line, who wraps the other leg. The third student wraps an arm and the fourth student wraps the other arm. Then Teen relay fourth member of the team wraps the mummy's body and head.

The winning team is the first team to use up its roll of toilet paper. Because Teen relay fastest job also might be the messiest mummy, students might vote to award a prize to the team that created the best-looking mummy; that will award a team that took care to do the job well. Create an obstacle course comprised of resources you have available. The course might involve running around cones; crawling through tunnels or large cardboard boxes; running through a series of hoops or making one step in each hoop stretched out on the ground ; or jumping or climbing over sawhorses or jump ropes.

Over, Under, Over, Under. Provide the first student on each team with a beanbag. When the relay starts, the first student in line passes the beanbag over his or her head to the second student. Then that student passes the beanbag under between his or her legs to the third student. The third student passes over, the fourth student under, and so on. When the beanbag reaches the last student in line, that student runs to the front of the line and starts the over-under-over-under process again. The game is over when the student who started the relay returns to the head of the line. Provide each team with a suitcase of old clothes, containing a pair of oversized pants, an oversized shirt, and large shoes.

For more fun, you might include colorful boxer shorts, a hat, or even a belt. When the relay begins, the first member of each team runs to the chosen spot with suitcase in hand, opens the suitcase, and puts on each of the clothing items over his or her own clothing. When that student is fully dressed, he or she undresses, packs up their suitcase, and runs back to the team. He or she then hands off the suitcase to the next student and the relay continues The relay ends when the last student returns to the team with the packed-up suitcase. The team that finishes fastest wins. This relay requires a tricycle. Set up a cone at a point about 50 feet from the students.

The distance might vary depending on grade level. This relay is completed one team at a time. When you call "Go! At that time, the first student on the team hops onto the tricycle, rides to the cone and around it, and then rides back to his or her team. Then the second member of the team hops on the trike and does the same thing.

Moreover Seat Driver Complex: Students must go on the end through the entire worth. The team with the most cases is the winner.

Stop timing the relay when the last member of the team has returned to his or her teammates. Announce the team's time and turn the tricycle over to the next team. When all teams have Tene the relay, the team with the fastest time is declared the winner. Students must stay on the tricycle through the entire relay. If a student falls off, he or she must get back on; picking up the tricycle and running with it is not allowed. Provide each team with two shoeboxes. Creating some vinyl banners to let everyone know where the start and finish areas are would be a great idea.

Some games also require water.

Relay games can be played in their classic version on realy racetrack with a piece of wood. At children's birthday parties they can also be altered, depending on the Tedn. For example, when played inside, instead of a baton kids can transport a duvet. If you play in an apartment, the different rooms represent various stages of the race. Each team has to circumvent the room with the duvet. The first player will put on the blindfold and then the balls will be dumped out. Each player will try to retrieve 3 balls and place them back into their own container by following instructions given by the rest of the team. Once they have done this they can remove their blindfold and return to the next person in line.

That person will put on the blindfold and the balls will be dumped. They will also retrieve 3 balls for their container. The balls can be any balls that they find but they have to go into their own container. If they put a ball into the wrong container it will count for the other team.

Caution the players not to run because they relayy bump into the other players that are blindfolded. It will take teamwork trying to keep quiet so that the player can listen for direction. The first team done with the rotation is the winner. Small to large groups Divide into teams of 5 to 10 players.

Relay Teen

Each team will be given two water bottles, one full and the other empty. Each player will receive one cup. The teams line up front to back in a row sitting on the floor. The person in front will hold the full water bottle and the last person on the team will have the empty water bottle. On go, the first person in line will pour Teen relay into his cup and then without turning pour his cup of water into the Teen relay of the player behind him. Each player will pour his cup of water into the cup of the next player. The last player will then pour his cup of water into the water bottle. As soon as the first player passes his water he can refill the cup and start passing again.

They Teen relay continue until all the water is out of the first bottle. The team with the most water in the bottle at the back of the line is the winner. Small to large groups Set up teams and play area. The first person on each team is to bend over with feet apart and grab their ankles. Each person on the team repeats the relay. The first team done is the winner. Crackers, table or counter, cups and water Players: Small to large groups Set up teams depending on the number of players. The first player on each team will run to one main table, eat two crackers and then attempt to whistle. Once a player has whistled they run back to their team and tag the next player.

That player will also do the same until everyone has completed the task. The first team done is a winner. Make sure you have cups of water nearby just in case someone needs a drink. Large groups Set up teams of players in lines facing away from the middle of a circle about feet away. In the middle of the circle, somewhat lined up with each teams position, is their pile of cups and plates to stack up. Each team will be given one ball. The first player from each team will run down to the middle where their equipment is, and stack the plates and cups alternating them, having the cups face down, and then run to the next person to do the same.

The next person will run down and un-stack them and then re-stack them. This is done only by the next person in line, on their turn, they cannot go do their task until the person behind them has retrieved the thrown ball and brought it back to the group. The first team done is the winner of the game. Basketballs, basketball hoop and baseball bats Players: Small to medium groups Divide up players into teams. Give each team one basketball and one baseball bat. One player at a time from each team will go to their baseball bat, bend over, put their head on the end bat and circle it 5 times while in this position They should be vary dizzy at this point.

Then they will go pick up their basketball dribble down to the hoop and shoot a basket with the ball. The first team done completing this rotation is the winner.

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