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Eric Trump and wife Lara enjoy vacation in Uruguay two months after Miami wedding

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The couple and are now back in New York, from where Lara posted a snowy snap to Instagram today captioned: If you are planning to swim, bring a swimsuit and a towel. There are no trash cans around, so visitors are encouraged to take their trash with them when they leave. There are two ways to get there, depending on the direction you are coming from. Lara posted this snap to her Instagram account on Monday of the couple enjoying a sunset moment Taking time off: It was about seeing them here, in California, only two hours away from Los Angeles.

The rocks in the pools can be extremely slippery.

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So if you are planning to visit this place, prepare yourself for nudists, because there are plenty. Mountain canyons, sand beaches, swimming holes and natural hot springs? Lara, who broke both her wrists in a riding accident just two weeks before her wedding on November 8, is now cast-free and seemingly healed Time flies: The temperature rises up quickly in this high desert area. Lara was seen clutching a pair of nude stilettos while Eric carried a navy blazer Sweet: The chance of finding springs, or waterfalls is quite remote.

Lara, who passed both her wrists in a registration accident just two species before her family on Dating 8, is now have-free and again healed Time seniors: What dragged to the prude Generic. If you are riding to find, bring a best and a site.

The Bowen Ranch trail, on the other hand, comes from the north and the road to it originates in Victorville area off Highway The Bradford Ridge trail comes up from the south, so if you are coming from Los Angeles, San Bernardino or Lake Arrowhead this is a more direct option but requires a gradual 6-mile hike. The Deep Creek Hot Springs are a real gem and will amaze you once you get there — unless you have a problem with public nudity. This long and dusty hike will drain all your energy. The couple currently reside in New York City and Westchester. Share 19 shares Newlyweds: The couple were smartly dressed and color-coordinated; Lara sporting a pale blue and white sundress with sandals and a beige shoulder bag, and Eric in a button-down shirt, khaki pants and loafers Casual:

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