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Relax Pctures shoulders and make sure your back and arms are well supported. But after a while you will learn to trigger your let-down with pumping.

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Others thanked Rachel for brreast empowering photograph. It is easier to express milk when you are relaxed. When you pump one breast at a time, switch from one side to the other several times. Pivtures may also try deep breathing exercises, relaxation exercises from your antenatal class or positive visualisation e. Rachel, who is best known for her roles in blockbusters like Mean Girls and The Notebook, was recently photographed on the cover of the fashion magazine Girls. A breast pump is a machine and will not stimulate the same feelings as your baby.

Be patient, even if you are not able to meet your expectations right away.

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Some women prefer to pumpjng their breasts before pumping to encourage the let-down reflex. The campaign to normalise breastfeeding has found a powerful voice in Hollywood actress Rachel McAdams. There are a number of tips that will help you get used to your pumping routine and help you handle your pump correctly.

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