Vintage automobile photos on ebay

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Early morning or late afternoon light is generally best for photos.

Ebay photos on Vintage automobile

Close-ups of any dings, dents, stains, or other damage Photographing Your Vehicle Generally, items listed with good photos receive more bids and sell for higher prices than those with poor quality photos. This is especially true of older and collector vehicles. Engine Photos Buyers will want to know that the engine has been maintained and is in working condition. To provide the most effective listing it is important to include a direct front and rear photo along with each side of vehicle to help identify the distinguishing make and model characteristics of the vehicle.

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Exterior Photos Provide potential bidders with a full exterior view of your vehicle. Composition Background should be neutral, so that it is easy to see the vehicle. In order to increase Vintags confidence, you should take photos of any notable issues including: Use a flash for interior and engine shots. Many successful sellers use blue masking tape to highlight damage, because damage is sometimes difficult to see in a digital picture. Condition or Damage Photos As you walk around the outside of the vehicle, check to see whether there are any other details that show the condition. Use of a flash for interior photos.

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