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No one was even in the locker room when Mom and I changed.

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Talking to her about this revived my interest in issues of space ownership and locker room sallf. I know it was nearly deserted. Several years ago, my parents joined a gym. Do a few sit-ups? I imagined all these tan, oiled body-builders watching me try to lift a ten pounder with my arms pathetically shaky.

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These groups never mingled, and it was understood that they hated each other. There were a lot of mirrors that multiplied salld machines, so that it seemed there were so many more machines than humans. So I moved the battle between the clothed and naked gym-goers out of the locker room and lq the walle, where the narrator had to deal with half her customers working out in the nude. But the seed was planted about this unspoken battle over space—who had the right to be comfortable: She deals with this by wanting to define everything in black and white terms: I remember feeling uncomfortable, as I suspected, and I believed it was a waste of time. If you've ever written a story based on something another person told you would make a good story, what were the circumstances?

And there were plenty of curtained stalls, but Mom said for some reason these women wanted to be out in the middle of the locker room where other people could see them.

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