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It is responsible for its own separate admissions, health, security, guidance and placement services, and has its own alumnae association.

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By the relationship had so deteriorated that Barnard officials stopped attending meetings. It takes place the night before finals begin every semester. That year Collgee president Michael Sovern agreed for the two schools to cooperate in admitting women to Columbia, Collrge Barnard faculty's opposition caused president Ellen Futter to reject the agreement. Campus Library Milbank Hall While students are allowed to use the libraries at Columbia University, Barnard has always maintained a library of its own. Students would be allowed to wear shorts and pants only at Barnard and only if the shorts were no more than two inches above the knee and the pants were not tight. The Alpha Epsilon Phifounded on October 24,is no longer on campus.

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Lehman Hall was the site of Barnard's Wollman Library from its opening in until In the spring of each year, Barnard holds the Night Carnival, in which many of Barnard's student groups set up tables with games and prizes. SGA aims to facilitate the expression of opinions on matters that directly affect the Barnard community. Nonetheless, Barnard students participate in the academic, social, athletic and extracurricular life of the broader University community on a reciprocal basis. Through this arrangement, Barnard is the only women's college offering Division I athletics. Barnard students and faculty are represented in the University Senate, and student organizations such as the Columbia Daily Spectator are open to all students.

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