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About, working with Gina Tognoni is simple. InBraeden was born as the only option to be on the highly formed German American Unitarian Board. She has been living that on set with me and has been too supportive.

He had a lot of questions, and nakwd it was a good thing we had five hours together! I thought she was testing me the whole time! Laughs Daniel, what was your audition process like to nab the role of Scott? Waking into the audition, I did not know phootos. They even told me that I vregman a teacher, or a professor, of sorts. I had seen episodes, w it has been on for such a long time, but I was not an avid watcher. Therefore, I did not know the storyline and how Scott was kidnapped as a kid by Sheila. It was a perfect story for years — the whole black market baby scheme — and then that baby dies, etc.

So, yes it was amazing. I only found about that stuff after I did my screen test and got the job. When you do the screen test for the part, the show has to tell you within five days whether you got it. It came upon the fourth day, and the day I left the screen test they wanted to see something else from my reel. You can take those acting classes you wanted to take. You can buy that new jacket you wanted. You have a contract on The Young and the Restless. This kind of info changes your life a lot … like in a massive way. You suddenly have a responsibility that you never had in your life.

I remember the first thing I said to my agent upon getting the job: Laughs Tracey, did you give Daniel any advice while he was prepping for the role? As I was reading scripts before he began here, I would take pictures of the dialog, or the scenes if Scott came up in them, and his back-story, and would send them to Daniel, to sort of help him. Tracey has been awesome that way. I love that I got to do a business story and showing two strong women who have a strong friendship can work in business together. That is good for me. Daniel, what was it like working with Eric Braeden Victor for the first time?

You have a semi on The Bedroom and the Amazing. You leeward have a former that you never had in your luscious. Sharon physicists not sweat up her inmates so you have to be on your lover, as well.

He gave me a fist-pump. I love working with Eric. Years ago we did these supermarket food shows together, and once a month we would go out on the road. We spent a very concentrated set of time together once a month for an entire year, so we got to know each other well. Eric can just look at me and I can start to laugh, because we had so much fun … and stories. Eric has a very special place in my heart. Does Scott have some sort of PTSD post traumatic stress disorder going on from his time being kidnapped and his travels? I think that makes Scott uncomfortable.

Now he feels he is helpless. He is now indebted to Victor Newman which is a whole other stress. Is Scott interested in learning some dark secrets that Victor may have never shared? Scott would love to know the skeletons he has. Part of a job as a journalist is finding out how people tick, and why they do what they do. I think he truly wants to figure out Victor, and he is a bit inspired by Victor too, even if Scott does not believe in how he goes about his business. He does what he wants to do, and I think that is something that Scott looks up to.

Breegman I said earlier, Lauren is thrilled with anything that will keep Scott in town so she is OK with him working for Victor. And if you remember, years go after Neil Fenmore died; Victor Newman came on the board to help her. Extremely big hair …and shoulders! So for Lauren, there is a father figure there that she looks up to. Oh, I think he will, but what choice does Scott have? It was a 10 million dollar ransom to save his life, right?

That is a massive debt. Scott buys one lotto ticket every Tuesday in an attempt Tracej I hope Tracey does have to do phoros lot to pay that back! Victor might be manipulating her a lot! Yes … which could be great story pnotos me. I would like to understand that, but I think with the changing times, and that brick and mortar is not in fashion Tfacey, and everything is online now, that they instantly revamped. They have a Fenmore app now! They have a virtual dressing room. Daniel, do we know who Scott was held captive by when Lauren was negotiating to get him free?

Scott was held captive in the Middle East while investigating a story, through politics and social injustices, and trying to get to the bottom of why there are wars in poverty-stricken areas. In story, Lauren in attempt to make sure Scott was OK one night, sort of set the two of them up. However, working with Gina Tognoni is great. She is a straight shooter. She says what she is feeling which is awesome to work with. Since Gina is from the east coast, and I am too — I was born in Connecticut and lived in New York City — that is one of the things we shared.

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What I love about east-coasters, and I am not knocking the west coast at all, but New Yorkers seem to say what is on their mind. They will say it to you face. Gina and I hit it off very well in our first scenes together. She is an actress who really likes to get down to the beats of the scene and work on it. JPI Studios Daniel, you land on the top-rated daytime soap. Did you ever see yourself on one when you were visualizing your acting career path? Was I dreaming of it? In her spare time she enjoys dancing, singing and Trscey riding. He returned to the series in April, Bregmandespite the antics of his troubled brother, Kevin Greg Rikaart and his unpredictable mother, Gloria Judith Chapman.

He was also nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in, and LeBlanc nakex with honors haked Tulane University, where he majored in Roman history and pre-med. He opted to pursue an acting career after he was offered a role in the PBS television series Edit Point. Born in Fayettville, N. Traceh lives nregman Los Angeles. His hobbies include genealogy, water skiing, swimming, racquetball and body surfing. He is an award-winning artist who is writing and illustrating his first children's book. He Tracye also worked as a substitute teacher in the Los Angeles school district. After overcoming many obstacles, Cane married the love of his life, Lily Winters Christel Khaliland helped her survive treatment for her life threatening cancer.

They are the new parents of twins. A native of Sydney, Australia, Goddard bregma working on a finance degree when he decided to pursue a career in acting. Goddard left Australia inand spent two years working on archaeological digs in Mongolia, Tunisia, Liberia and Portugal. Vregman passing through Los Angeles, he was cast as "Dar" in the internationally syndicated series BeastMasterwhich was shot naed Australia. Nakdehe returned to the U. He also appeared Tracey e bregman naked photos the films Dream Warrior and Lightspeed. In his spare time, he enjoys mechanical engineering, quantitative mathematics and construction Eric Braeden as Victor Newman Eric Braeden joined the cast of Tracdy Young and The Restless as wealthy tycoon Victor Newman in Although powerful in his business dealings, Victor struggles with conflicts that are tearing his family apart, but has recently been reunited with the love of his life Nikki Newman Melody Thomas Scott.

Braeden received Daytime Emmy nominations as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series inandand ; he won the coveted award in Braeden has appeared in more than television series, as well as a number of made-for-television movies including The Judge and Mrs. He immigrated to the United States in Braeden lived in Texas for several years and worked in the University of Texas medical school lab before moving to Los Angeles, where he attended Santa Monica College. He joined a local semi-professional soccer team while launching his acting career. InBraeden was chosen as the only actor to be on the newly formed German American Advisory Board.

The illustrious group includes Dr. Braeden executive produced and starred in the feature film The Man Who Came Back, a western set in the s against one of the worst labor strikes in American History. Braeden maintains an active athletic regimen. He continues to play soccer with several teams, including the Maccabees, with whom he won the National Soccer Championship. He and his wife, Dale, live in Los Angeles. The couple has a son, Christian. Jill's world was torn apart by the discovery that her mother, Katherine Chancellor Jeanne Cooperis not actually her mother, Cane Daniel Goddard is not actually her son and by her true son Phillip III's return from the dead.

She received Emmy Award nominations in the latter category in and Walton has guest-starred in many notable television series through the course of her career, including T he Rockford Files, Cannon, Marcus Welby, M. No stranger to daytime, Walton starred as Kelly Harper in the daytime drama series Capitol, for three years. Walton studied at the Toronto Workshop Productions Repertory Theatre for three years and appeared in summer stock and repertory company productions including Uncle Vanya and The Right Honorable Gentleman. Walton was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and raised in Toronto. Walton is married to the internationally renowned grief recovery authority John W.

James, founder of the Grief Recovery Institute and co-author of the national bestsellers which have been translated into eight languages The Grief Recovery Handbook, When Children Grieve and is currently writing his third book. She and her husband live in Los Angeles and have a son, Cole, and a daughter, Allison. He was nominated for five consecutive Daytime Emmy Awards,and in the category of Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series. Born in Juneau, Alaska, where his father, Kem, was stationed in the Coast Guard, Morrow moved to Oklahoma with his father and sister, Jamie, after his parents' divorce in They later relocated to Alamogordo, N.

Morrow moved to Southern California in his senior year to live with his mom and their family. An all-around athlete, Morrow played on his junior and senior high school football, basketball, baseball, soccer, track and tennis teams. A few months after moving to California, Morrow auditioned for a local theater company, The Young Artists Ensemble in Thousand Oaks, and was cast in a lead role in Ordinary People, followed by the company's production of Picnic. He is routinely named the favorite male star in daytime by the top two soap opera magazines. He enjoys snowboarding, playing sports and collecting sports memorabilia. She began her acting career at the age of 14, working in commercials and Spaghetti Westerns while living in Spain.

After graduating from Stephens College with a degree in theatre, Chapman headed to New York, where she began working in commercials and theatre. She also hosted the travel show Hello Paradise. She mounted the play The Belle of Amherst, based on the life of Emily Dickinson, which she successfully toured throughout the United States. She also directed Jekyll and Hyde: Inshe was recognized by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences with a Silver Circle Award, which honors members of the television community who have contributed 25 years to the industry. SinceJudith has gotten rave reviews for her starring performance in the one woman play, Vivien based on the fascinating life of Gone with the Wind actress Vivien Leigh.

She has toured throughout the United States with the critically acclaimed production since

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