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Still's what a System of Famer is. The abdomen was 29 April - a ironically normal afternoon in space of the Basics' training camp dormitory at Expensive Fingered University in Wichita Trolls, Texas. Tom Brady would never do that.

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McIver, thorough Clwboy the shower, didn't budge. They were an agreed asylum; a place where anything halted and all deviant cartoonist was went, if not anchored.

All times are GMT FettsterSep 30, Watching all the fat people flow into that place during the pregame I was expecting this couple to be a bit bigger. SocomSep 30, I wish we could see the chicks face to see if she was even hot or not. No wonder they lost Did they put it up on the giant screen, so everyone could watch. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: SocomSep 30, Sep 30, 7. I'm not talking about the chick you're "doing the act" with, I'm talking about the floor of a public restroom! Dallas Cowboy Stadium, ladies and gentlemen — fun for the whole family.

BubbaSep 30, At least it looks like the two knew each other OK, that's an even worse thought. Did they put it up on the giant screen, so everyone could watch. Search titles only Posted by Member: SocomSep 30, LOL, laying on the floor where people piss. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Who Michael Irvin had become? The Cowboys' medical staffers stormed the room, past a dumbstruck Irvin, and immediately attended to McIver. An ambulance arrived, and McIver was whisked away. None of the lingering Cowboys knew the extent of the damage. Was he in critical condition? Truth be told, this was more than just a fight.

More than just a staduim incident. The great Dallas Cowboys of the s - the organisation of pride and stsdium and success; the organisation where one team-mate would never dare hurt another; the organisation that took over American Coaboy - was officially dead Cowboy stadium sex buried. In its charmed remains, one was forced to ask a singular question: The Dallas Cowboys are The Team when Cowboy stadium sex comes to merchandising; atadium it comes to cheerleaders; when it comes to glamour. A kid who dreams of playing major-league baseball could want to be a Yankee or a Met or a Cub or a Mariner. A kid who dreams of playing football, however, has one goal: The team officially entered the NFL in Januarywhen the league voted Texas's third largest city an expansion franchise.

In their debut season, the mighty Cowboys avoided defeat only once, losing their first 10 games before salvaging a draw against the New York Giants. Yet the bad times didn't last for long. Landry and co were innovators; leaders in the fields of marketing and self-promotion. When the Cowboys left the Cotton Bowl for the Texas Stadium in96 luxury suites - the NFL's first "business-class" seating - were incorporated into the ground. That was the catalyst. And then, with one losing season after another, that magic vanished.

The season that began with the slogan "Blueprint for Victory" ended with Dallas last in the NFC East with three wins and 13 losses. There was palpable anger throughout the city. Landry may well have still been a god, but he was no longer a god with a team worth watching. Though the proud coach would never do such a thing, he was soon forced out by the team's new owner, Arkansas oilman Jerry Jones. Johnson came to Dallas convinced the team would win immediately - then suffered through a brutal debut season inwinning just one game and notching up 15 defeats.

The humiliation, however, didn't last. Bythe Cowboys were back in the play-offs, and in - behind a reshaped roster of stars like quarterback Troy Aikman, running back Emmitt Smith, defensive end Charles Haley and the audacious Irvin - Dallas were back in the Super Bowl, walloping the Buffalo Bills,beating them again the following year,then, two years later, downing the Pittsburgh Steelers How did they win with such regularity? In Aikman, the country boy from Oklahoma, Dallas had one of the league's two or three best quarterbacks.

In Smith, they had a nuclear weapon lined up in the backfield. And Irvin, well, he was simply the strongest, toughest receiver the NFL had seen since the late s.

Sex Cowboy stadium

They were an insane asylum; a place where anything went and all deviant behaviour was tolerated, if not embraced. The outlandishness truly took shape in the lead-up to the season, when Jones orchestrated a trade with the San Francisco 49ers to bring Haley to Dallas. Haley was famous among his peers for being, in layman's terms, nuts. Certainly he was socially awkward and unflinchingly vicious. Though prescribed medication to treat manic depression, he took the pills one day, then skipped them for the next two or three. It started with his penis. On his first day as a Cowboy, Haley arrived in the conference room for a film session dressed only in a towel.

In his six seasons with the 49ers, Haley had earned two Super Bowl championships and, in the shadows of stars such as Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice, was overlooked as a vital cornerstone. That's the thing people never understood - Charles might have been odd, but he was very intelligent and incisive. Blessed with an uncommonly engaging personality and the ability to last days without sleep, The Playmaker drank hard, snorted cocaine, smoked pot, bedded three, four, five women at a time - and sucked in as many team-mates as possible. Perhaps Irvin's greatest conquests took place during the offseason.

As captain of the Hoopsters, the Cowboys' basketball team, Irvin was responsible for booking games and landing women. While the Cowboys were a big deal in Dallas, they were huge in smaller towns across the state and country, where a visit from the Super Bowl champions was akin to a return of Elvis. Women came out in droves, typically in miniskirts and fishnet stockings, low-cut blouses and low-riding leather pants. While Haley and Irvin were athletically gifted enough to live life at ,mph, many team-mates tried to follow along - and failed. Cornerback Clayton Holmes was suspended for failing multiple drug tests, as did running back Sherman Williams and defensive lineman Shante Carver.

Many Cowboys struggled with alcoholism, and offensive lineman Erik Williams nearly died in a drink-driving accident that cut short his career. The house at Dorsett Drive was rented under the name of receiver Alvin Harper, and the new neighbours in an exclusively white, low-key community were 6ft 5in, pound African-American men escorting an endless conveyor belt of large-breasted blondes. Nate Newton insists the White House was a haven for neither prostitution "What did we need a prostitute for? Women laid down for us" nor drugs "Never saw 'em"yet his take is disputed by myriad team-mates and people in the know.

To visualise the inside of the White House, picture a relatively nice suburban home, then double the size of the televisions, throw in a pool table, wet bar and some prostitutes. Oh, don't forget the handful of hidden video cameras throughout the 15 rooms. That, hands down, was the most unique feature - allegedly installed by Dennis Pedini, a close friend of Irvin. Women were escorted through the front door, brought to the rear bedroom, enjoyed and discarded with dazzling rapidity. Supposedly happily married to Karen, his wife of nearly 10 years, Haley would regularly bring his away-from-home fling to the House. As the excesses mounted, the commitment to winning declined.

In the lead-up to Super Bowl XXX inroughly a dozen members of the team rented limos in Dallas in order to have their mistresses driven to Arizona. Those same vehicles were then used to transport players to the pre-game practices - perhaps the first time in Super Bowl history that participants travelled in such luxury to and from a practice field. Irvin - who greeted one of the on-scene officers with "Do you know who I am? He turned up to court in a floor-length mink coat. The muscles have eroded.

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