Bottom replacement on 1955 century resorter

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1971 17' Century Resorter

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Wagemaker made small boats from about throughclosing when the plant burned in as pretty much everything was lost. The owner will be reslrter us updated with progress pictures. I started resorer on the boat Thursday, Jan. It is stripped to the spray rails on each side. I have about hours of work time in the boat to date. I tried no pictures with this message but the file came back undeliverable must have been too big. I made contact with Robert Shapton and will order the decals and hat today. I found out that the motor that came with the boat Johnson Seahorse 25 hp is locked up. However, the man working on it has a power-head from a that he tells me will interchange. So, there was some good news with the bad.

If progress continues as it has, I will have the boat in the water by spring. I will keep you updated. Clark Towery See a 10 minute video of the restoration progress on this boat Woodies is providing consulting for an 8 person crew that are currently working on this boat. This crew will prepare the boat for a new bottom and we'll go out to Arkansas to help the crew progress towards assembly of the bottom. Certain model Century's like the Seamaid and the outboards Palomino, etc would not have motor boxes, so the price would reflect that. If your boat has vinyl covered decks, then the deck vinyl would be available, but at an additional cost.

Foam or flooring is not included in the price of the kit. Re;lacement can supply foam, flooring and carpet if needed. This is a good time to consider replacing the wood boards as they are mainly plywood and fairly inexpensive to cut new exterior or marine grade plywood boards and then paint with bilge paint sold separately. Then you are ready for installation of the new upholstery. Lead time on making a complete upholstery kit is normally weeks.

Replacement century 1955 Bottom resorter on

Occasionally we run into circumstances that cause the lead time to be longer such as time of year busier in the summer and because temperature sometimes affects the die electric machine. Upside down bottom removal starting. We remove each screw. Patterns saved some shops cut planking off which makes taking apart faster but rebuilding is much slower without good patterns.

Previous repairs to keel. Jigs to make chine cuts to match original exactly. Fit of new frames to old chines. New chines will drop righ into place.

The workable is in very good condition and can sit ins. It is sorry to the senior singles on each side.

Some of the new frames installed. Hull is now being stripped. Most of the new bottom frames are installed. All of the new bottom frames are installed. New shaft hole drilled.

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