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8 Tips on How to Deep Throat - The Ultimate Guide to Not Gagging

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It allows for a woman to take more of a man's penis into her tfchiques and stroke the head of his penis with the warm, soft pallet of the throat that mimics the feeling of the walls of the vagina. If you can breathe this way, then great.

Techiques Deep throat

Use your nails to scratch his chest and back while deep throating him. So if you want to give him fellatio like a pro and make it extra sloppy, then techiqurs throating your man is the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. Just follow the below steps to start desensitizing your gag reflex. This overactive gag reflex can even make giving a regular blow job tough to do without gagging. Some people recommend that you use a throat numbing spray. Try doing this two to three times every day for a week.

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Click here to get it. Most guys have never even thought of this, so be prepared to have one happy man on your hands when you do it. Your gag reflex will become Deel and less sensitive over the coming weeks as you continue practicing. The Finish As I mentioned earlier, you can let your man cum and ejaculate his semen down your throat. There are also a lot of other great ways that you can finish him off when giving him head that I describe in Chapter 4 here. The Unlucky Few This guide will arm you with the knowledge and skills to deep throat your man like a pro…but…Not every woman is going to be able to deep throat her man, no matter how much she practices and tries to reduce her gag reflex Why?

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