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Top 20 Best-Ever Bikini Moments

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The brunette bombshell became a Hollywood sex symbol seemingly overnight, nikini Playboy even crowned her the "most desired woman" of the s. Interestingly enough, Welch said she thought the movie would be "swept under the carpet" and nobody would ever see it! I was like, 'Please, please don't make me do the dinosaur movie. It'll live on forever.

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The pin-up photo was so red hot, it sold phltos of copies and made Fawcett pjotos icon. She was the girl next door. So if you were a teenager, you could bring this in the house and put it up in your room—as long as Mom didn't look too closely," said photographer Bruce McBroom. Bo Derek, 10 All photos In the film, 10, Bo Derek sure did prove that a one-piece swimsuit could be just as hot as a bikini!

Bikini Best photos non

Bet actress heated up the big screen in a nude swimsuit with cornrow braids, looking nothing short of a "perfect I had no career before 10 and then all of a sudden I was able to Bwst pretty much whatever in the business," she's said. Episode VII isn't quite a lock yet even if she does like to joke that it isbut her appearance is 's Return of the Jedi will never be forgotten. Her metallic lingerie costume in the famous film was so hot, it even spawned a dedicated fansite—Leia's Metal Bikini—as well as various spoofs and parodies. While it may have looked quite spectacular, apparently it wasn't the most comfortable. Surely just a sign of a magnificent amount of self love!

The trouble is that the more I think about it, the less sure I am that a hundred posted bikini pictures are an indication of great self confidence.

Even inI have mixed feelings about the selfie. When everyone I know is posting pictures that show how gorgeous they are, an evil element in my brain whispers: My friend Emma, 28, a doctor, recounts with great hilarity the story of a work colleague who spent a fortnight on the Amalfi coast with 14 different bikinis. There was no beach, no scenery — not even any of the people that she went on holiday with. Just bikini pictures she took in a full-length mirror. I might even make it my profile picture. My friend Rosa, a student, 24, argues that she knows people who post bikini selfies who have the best of intentions. But I know that you have a right to feel good about your body at any size, and this is about my issues, not the people posting photos.

Being a woman is bloody difficult. Everything we encounter somehow conspires to wreck our confidence. Our heads are filled with examples of who to be, what is perfect, and how we fail to measure up.

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