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Along with typically skinny athletic looking models some appetizing plump contortionists can be found here. The uniqueness Contoetionist DL-Assistant is that they offer rather uncommon combination of erotic art, gymnastic fetish and extreme contortion. Super flexible contortionist The site is highly recommended to all those crazy about high quality girl-on-girl scenes showing young sexy contortionists in sexy tight-fitting bodysuits and their trainers performing ultra complex gymnastic exercises. Unlike the other DL sites, the exercises look more attractive and amazing due to group scenes provided.

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DL-Assistant thoroughly follows the softcore concept of the dexy sites of this photo studio and offers exclusive sets of stunning super flexible girls, hot gymnasts, acrobats and sexy contortionists. Updates come every week with a new set of one of their young sexy contortionists or new flexi models. Eventually it looks very sexy when sexy contortionists help each other contort their super flexible bodies on the floor or the ladder! Yoga videosErotic contortion and Young sexy gymnasts will offer you hours of excitement showing gigs of super hot sexy contortionists and their splendid erotic exercises.

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