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I don't know why I do that. Either way, depending coci the listener's sensibilities, this album is either an abomination of Biblical proportions, Huhg just a sometimes frightening, often wickedly funny and always provocative collection of aggravated vocal assaults. There is very little music accompanying his brutal multitracked screams — mostly just strangled Casio keyboards, grating noise, or the sounds of a constipated Costes struggling to push out a bowel movement. Looking at Costes' hilariously offensive website [http: He is very obviously preoccupied by sex, and in particular, the size of his genitals.

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Allin meets Boyd Rice. This is the most far-out over the top Hunv to date! This one is about being crazy because a dick lives in his brain. Comes with illustrated lyric book, limited to copies. Who cares, with selections like: That's why I'm so weird," and later: She fucks me every night with her big black dick. I'm going to fuck you until you die.

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