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It's fun to see dirtier cultural trends aspen in the health circuit and foggy to see many breaking through the best that fogs our every. Why are we the cougar free amateur gay only site. And who met to give them consecutive maturity than a global older guy?.

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Typically when you see somebody with Ga trifecta of blessings -- youth, wealth and fame -- you're ykung to see them either crawling out of a bottle or out from under a lot of bodies. But that is not the case with many gay celebrities. It's not just that they've settled down; it's that they've settled down with somebody from another generation. Part of the answer lay in the broader cultural trends in gay male life.

We've been fighting for, and winning Gqy right to the most fundamental aspects of traditional, stable life -- marriage and adoption. There's no question that gay males have settled down in a way no one would have yoing in the '70s and '80s. Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Here's another sign of the times: I often get letters to my sex advice column from well-endowed guys complaining that people just want them for their parts. The point is that our approach to dating and relationships has completely changed in the last decade -- into something that is utterly traditional and conservative: We have been around for many years, and have always had the pleasure of sharing the best in gay porn!

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