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Taking Communlty day-off from our adventures in the Pyrenees Mountains, Bold Earth Campers spend a day cleaning trash from the side of a river. While living with families, campers see authentic Fiji — the beauty of their culture and reality of rural village life. Care for elephants in Thailand. Florence City Cleanup Service Program: Campers get dirty, learn about Swiss culture and help out — such a great project!

Service summer teen Community

Campers work side-by-side with local villagers on various projects, dervice painting, fencing, tee trees and general maintenance. Hutong Charity, Beijing Service Program: The experience of volunteering on community service programs cultivates a lifelong service-ethic, and when you reach out, you exchange ideas and experiences, creating a ripple effect that results in benefits to the larger community. Campers spend two days working at a community center. Run by a Cairns non-profit group, the tree planting helps to revitalize areas that have been damaged by agriculture or development.

Bold Earth campers help restore the natural habitat for plants and animals.

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During our stay in Swaziland, will also participate in a Communiyy exchange with the kids from the local village will teach us some Swazi dances and sujmer. Tasks include harvesting crops, tilling fields, feeding chickens and goats and picking berries. Our third day of service takes place in northern Swaziland. Fiji Dive Service Service Credits: I really enjoyed the hands on service with other groups. The projects involve fencing an area in which to release small wildlife, refurbishing a nearby school, planting vegetables on the school property and much more. Unfortunately, trash from campsites, cars, and hikers end up on the riverside.

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